Decorating Dilemmas

You may have found yourself at one point in your lives, staring at a blank room. An empty space to fill with whatever you decide. A double bed in the center, a bookshelf on the left, a painting on that wall; all these ideas swirl around your mind like fairy dust. Yet, it doesn’t work like that, does it?


The bed you wanted is five centimetres too wide, the beautiful antique wardrobe is too small and the stunningly cool beanbag is thrown out the window by your dad. As you flick through pages or pictures on Google showing the ideal room, you wonder how on earth all of them manage to have acres of space. It’s like the feeling you get when you are watching a movie and the teenager walks into his room which is amazing. So unfair!


Anyway, I like my room a lot but it is time to redecorate it. You may be aware of how the ceiling fell in a few months ago and now they have finally got around to fixing it so if all goes well, I should be moving in by May. Hopefully. The funny thing about redecorating my room is that the possibilities are endless yet we always have to resort to the mundane. I would like an unusual colour scheme or some spray painted graffiti or artwork on the walls but there are barriers. The parental units for one.


Upon mentioning how I was thinking about painting the room emerald green and blue, my mum simply dismissed it and became quite aggressive! So my brother and I began to tease her about her possessiveness over our room but all it did was antagonise her further! It was dangerous ground so I felt it was best to beat a hasty retreat.


It seems this hasty retreat has taken the form of navy and cream walls coupled with a greyish/silver carpet. Well the carpet’s colour is still fluid but it will definitely be a carpet. No cold floorboards for me, I love to make use of my comfortable, soft and deliciously warm bedroom floor and wood just does not do that.


So I shall be content with how my room shall be sensibly decorated even though I would like it to contain a Play Station, a large TV, a beanbag or lounger and perhaps even five squared metres of additional space. Alas, one can only dream.

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