Funny Parents

It’s funny how we always want our children to do something other than stare at gadgets all day but when they do, we begin to find it a bit difficult to deal with.

Let me give you an example. I recently began doing some spray paint art at home but it hasn’t been easy dealing with the parental objections. Why would there be objections?
‘Aah such a mess!’ ‘Don’t you have other things to do?’ ‘Your room is such a mess!’ ‘No, don’t start doing your stuff right now.’ ‘Why are you even doing this?’ ‘You have time to do this but not other things huh?’ On and on it goes so sometimes I sneak out into the garden before my mum realises and the times when there are no objections, I am pleasantly surprised.

It’s not that my parents dislike my new spray painting hobby, they just think it is a lot of bother. ‘Oh move your spraypaint box from my kitchen!’ ‘How much did all this cost?’ The funny thing is when I was just sitting on my bed, doing uni work, reading a book or browsing the internet then they would complain about me always being on the laptop. There’s no winning with them! Do other teenagers get this too?

I will tell you something quite funny though. They have slowly begun to be more accommodating and it’s because they know I am making a good use of my time. I overheard my mum saying ‘well it is better than sitting in his room all day.’ So what was all the fuss about before? Sometimes I think they just like to tease and tell me off!




In other news, I have received my first official commison which I am itching to do but sadly university and work gets in the way. Bring on the weekend!

Until Next Time

A Worried Student

15 thoughts on “Funny Parents

  1. Couldn’t be more true. My kids are all really creative, and I’m definitely an advocate. But when they want to start a project my brain screams “please no!”. What a world lol.

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  2. I had a little chuckle at this. It took me back many years and my own teenage “mess making”. It had a funny ending in my case as, bored of my dad sitting “glued to the tube”, my mum finally joined in and added her own mess making macrame hangings – We actually had a lot of fun while feeling a bit guilty about leaving dad on his own a lot! lol!

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  3. There most certainly is no winning whatsoever, when it comes to what you’re doing and what your parents say about it! Though for me it’s quite entertaining, as I tend to get more grief from my dear, dear(-ly irritating) brother. Ohhhh yes. I get a whole lot of “stop doing maths” from him. He said this earlier and we fell into a rather tasteless series of intellectual insults – we’re pretentious losers, you have no idea – where he insulted with Chemisty, whilst I settled for maths. It shifted into Latin/French, and unfortunately he won. *sighs*
    I can never win. No. We, as a teenaged species, can never win. And as you’ve rightly expressed, even when you go off and do something else, that’s not what they expected/anticipated either!

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