Riding Strange

Riding the train to Osterley,

The cuffs of my shirt dig in,

Unsettled and weary of the

Unnatural position I was in.


This strange crisp shirt,

This odd little tie,

These awkward lapels,

These ankle biting shoes.


It was all very strange for me.

Was I wearing it right?

Did I look the part?

Or were my trousers too tight?


Around me were strangers,

Dressed for once, like me.

As if in solidarity

Of my very own journey.


I sat back and observed,

How that person was wearing his suit.

How that man was tying his shoes.

And I wondered If instead, I should have


Worn my black boots.

Tiring and terrifying,

This importance of appearance.

But this journey that I was on,


Oh, I loved that.

9 thoughts on “Riding Strange

      • It was a bit, I was lucky in that I knew a bit about the hobby/trade I was going to be in, but yep, sitting amongst a bunch of ‘suits’ all reading the newspaper or a book, no one talking to each other, no mobies etc in them days, Sony Walkman was cutting edge too, very few people had them at the time. Listening to cassette tapes on the train. What’s a cassette? My cars got a cassette player, next year or so it’ll officially be a classic ..

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