Sorry WordPress, I Cheated On You

It has always appeared to me that there is a bit of a divide between WordPress users and users of other forms of social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other such things. You may be a hybrid blogger who has an account on all platforms but for me, WordPress has been my thing since a year ago. In fact, my blogosversary is coming up!

So my confession is that I cheated on WordPress with its slightly more ‘popular’ friends recently. However, I can explain! The one and only reason I made accounts on Twitter and Instagram is only so that I could promote my Spray Paint Art business at a more local level. I am not a big user of social media so stepping into their world, I felt a bit like my dad using a computer for the first time. (Or the hundreth time, he still needs our help.)

Let me tell you though, they are nothing at all like WordPress as the first thing that struck me on Instagram is that hardly anyone comments or truly interacts. There are photos with over 300 likes yet not even a single comment! Of course, this is expected as all people do is share photos with a few lines of description so perhaps I am being overly harsh. Nevertheless, I began to miss WordPress.

My uncle told me that twitter would be a better platform but there is one fatal flaw. If you want to reach a wider audience, you need someone to help you out via a retweet. Unlike WordPress and even instagram, you can’t add so many tags for other people to view your tweets whereas when it comes to WordPress, you get people from all over the world stumbling over your thoughts.

WordPress is for those who like to write. Not for those who like to live a fast paced life on their phone, quickly clicking this, clicking that, sharing content but not coming up with their own. There are of course exceptions and I think it can be safely said there is more money in the newer forms of social media but for me, I will always like WordPress more.

What about you? Maybe people see WordPress as completely separate. It could be a platform where they share their more personal ideas on a wider, yet slightly more annonymous stage whereas social media is used to simply ‘stay in touch’ with people.

Until Next Time

A Worried Student

11 thoughts on “Sorry WordPress, I Cheated On You

  1. I think WordPress can be a place for people to write, but I also follow other types of accounts. I also have different accounts on social media, and as you said, they are just for fast, one two three done, matters. I also would never use Facebook, twitter, etc to write what I do on here because I don’t share my WordPress blog with people I know (with an exception of a few people I trust), so it is a place of free expression for me. Great post!

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    • True. It’s just quite striking to see other forms of social media which are constantly barraged with images and short fun videos which I think has had quite a negative impact on our brains. So WordPress is almost like a brain training platform of social media right?
      Despite our critcism of social media, we still end up using it because well, it can be quite fun. Alas, weak people!
      Thanks 😀

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  2. I just posted on a similar line of thought. I use other social media sites to promote my blog, facebook is basically for stayin’ in touch with folks that are far away. However, I have to admit that for a long time facebook was my go to for social media.

    Great post!

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