Let It Snow…


The people of Britain love talking about the weather, we all know this and we have all heard this but come on, people all over the world must surely talk about the weather in the same way right? Unless you live near the equator where it is always delightfully warm.


Saying that, I still want it to snow here in London. Say this in a room of adults and this will most likely be met with groans of disapproval. “How dare you want it to snow!” “No don’t say that!” As if at my mere words the sky will release a duvet of snow. Yes a duvet, I do not want just a blanket of snow, I want a full, fluffy, plumped up, 100% Hungarian Goose feather and down, 15 tog duvet of snow. That would be awesome. We missed out on it last year so we are overdue down in London.


Yes, I know snow causes disruption and chaos. I mean the London Overground is already terribly unreliable and breaks down whilst the underground can be just as bad. Sometimes when I am late to a lecture or seminar due to train issues then the London Underground song plays through my head which yes is not really factual but can cheer one up by venting frustration in a humorous way.


So yes, despite the fact snow will cause all these problems no matter how much salt the councils stockpile; I still want it to fall. The reason is quite simple: snow is fun. When I was young, I could never build a snowman and no one taught me how. I would try to collect snow and compact it into a large mound. Of course, the trick is to not compact the snow but to simply roll a ball of snow around and let it grow ‘naturally.’ Perhaps my desire to make snowmen is due to my hobby for making things. Whether it be out of K’nex, Lego, Duplo or simply drawing, I have always liked to indulge my creative side in such activities. It is also why I like writing so those of you will say ‘You are crazy for wanting it to snow just so you can make a snowman’ then hey, the same reason I want to build a snowman is the same reason why I have this blog. No snowman then no blog.


Yes I know, some of you cheeky buggers may still want to choose no snowman.


Until Next Time (By which time it shall hopefully have snowed)


A Worried Student

A Worried Student

22 thoughts on “Let It Snow…

  1. I get the same reactions from people over here when I complain about our lack of snow. I live on the wet coast, which means our snowfalls are generally small and short-lasting.
    Things pretty much come to a standstill when it snows over here too, except were I live there’s no underground to substitute for the buses. It just looks so pretty though, and I haven’t lost my childhood wonder over just how amazing the snow is. I will complain about the rain to no end, but snow, I would welcome that with open arms (especially if it results in my not having to go to work).

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    • Haha yup snow is much better than rain. I guess we love it so much because we have not had its reaaaally bad effects like other countries may experience. I mean, if our power went out due to snow, I am guessing we would like it less!

      But yes, nothing beats being told there’s no work or school and you have the whole day to build a snowman!


      • Haha!! The let it go line is actually the only line I know from it as my little cousins are constantly going on about it.
        I have a funny story about that actually, my 5 year old cousin was talking about Roald Dahl’s book The Witches when she said that oh my teacher isn’t a witch because she doesn’t wear gloves all the time whilst witches do.
        So I said, aah but that means Elsa from Frozen is a witch! She always has those gloves on and pointy shoes. Thus ensued a debate on Elsa being a witch or not but at the end I got the impression that she didn’t really believe me.

        The next day, I heard her tell her friend that Elsa is in fact a witch for she always wears gloves and when she does take them off whilst dancing, then she has her fake hands ready!

        Mission accomplished? 😛


      • And a new fan theory has been launched.
        I was actually referring to the song “Do you wanna build a snowman?” It’s such a cute song, but it really pulls at the heartstrings. I started to cry when I first watched it.

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  2. We had snow here recently, in northeast England. I don’t like it because the neighbour’s kids throw snowballs at the house.

    I’m often tempted to run after them shaking my fist whilst shouting ‘You hoodlums!’, akin to Dennis the Menace, but these days, they’d probably kick the crap out of me…

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      • Nope. I’m afraid it’ll come to life, kidnap me, show me a beautiful world of wonder and then melt and die. And then I’ll spend 30 years depressed as my neighbourhood is enveloped by modern developers only for the snowman to come back to life, now with a dog. And then the usual merriment will occur except this time, the snowman still dies but the dog comes to life, which I wouldn’t like because I hate dogs.

        So no, I don’t build snowmen for perfectly logical reasons…

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  3. I want snow! It makes everything so beautiful even if it’s just for five minutes until that puffy duvet turns to grey sodden sludge, it’s worth it. We Brits totally talk about the weather a lot… it’s like another friend in a conversation – you can always turn to them for a topic if you run out of something to say 🙂

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  4. lol! I still haven’t grown out of it either!(It’s soooo pretty!) At 63 I still secretly pray for snow (though I do add – at the weekend please!
    Soon after our returning from S E Asia it snowed, my youngest daughters were shouting ardently for more and more (they’d hardly ever seen it) but their two big working sisters got stranded when London underground ground to a halt. We fell silent and felt a bit guilty!

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  5. I didn’t know you lived in London, quite fascinating. I would love to say I visited the city before but it was just the layover on my way to America. Didn’t stay for too long but I will live there for a bit, I just love London life. Maybe it’s because I only know the fairy tale version of the city.*I don’t know why I’m using an English accent now*
    I love snow but I hate the cold. Too bad here it just gets shit cold but doesn’t really snow much 😦 When you get really hot summers(Texas) even 50 degrees is cold, so that makes sense. Anyway,I hope it snowed 🙂

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    • Firstly, nope it never snowed! 😦 else there would be pics of my snowman in every post I write 😛 Oh I’d think of an excuse to stick it in any post don’t worry!
      Hmm yes London is not the utterly fairytale city that it is portrayed to be but it certainly is a lovely one, I am quite glad I live here rather than another part of the UK.

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  6. I share a fascination with snow as well-that’s because I’ve never experienced it (in real life that is). I’m from the Caribbean and have never travelled outside of my region. Interestingly though, I do get tired of the constant heat, I like feeling cool-and less sweaty!

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