Well hello there; hope your holidays have been going well but if you are one of the 2.6% in Britain (I do not know the statistics for other countries so sorry) who were still working when everybody else was enjoying their time off then commiserations to you. 

I am into my third week off university which may sound amazingly relaxing but it can be a bit annoying. After a long summer break, your brain slowly begins to get used to working again when suddenly you are hit with a three-week holiday which is mostly spent in the confines of your toasty warm home. Although of course, there are exams to revise for, and course works to complete. What I find funny is how course works are frowned upon at GCSE and A-Level yet they are an integral part to your university degree. Students end up feeling quite bewildered when they are suddenly hit with three coursework deadlines six weeks into their degree. 

Anyway, back to the holidays. Games, TV shows and movies (and revision.) A teacher at my primary school would always complain about how there is nothing to watch on TV at Christmas time as the same old movies are repeated. However, BBC iPlayer was packed with Christmas specials and there seemed to be one thing in common: weddings! Long awaited relationships were brought to a head and marriages took place such as the one in Not Going Out. A hilarious show full of sarcasm, innuendos and double entendres.

Apart from that, gaming has been the other past time as I used my laptop to go back to my good old childhood days where I could play games for hours without worrying about exams or course works. Of course, I sadly could not go to those lengths as the student in me kept on knocking on my brain: “You still have 1256 words to write!.” Killjoy.

Until Next Time

A Worried Student

17 thoughts on “Not Going Out..

  1. How About That! Worry no more because your hard work, dedication, and motivation will all pay off and you will not have to struggle on a low paying job like WAL-MART. Chill and relax and breathe on your mirror and enjoy life. Hell I wish I was you age again. 🙂

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  2. “Of course, I sadly could not go to those lengths as the student in me kept on knocking on my brain: “You still have 1256 words to write!.” ”
    And “killjoy.” Hahah XD

    One more thing: there was coursework mentioned above, there. Coursework. *winces* I mean, there’s a lot in English but I’m just sitting here, trying to imagine there being some in maths. O.O Thankfully there is none for me, but the idea is actually off-putting. Oof!


    Hope you’ve been well.

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    • Haha well currently the number stands at around 700 so…progress? Sadly, coursework is no longer about writing enough for the word count, its more about refining your words to fit the word count.

      Yes you maths people get away with it -_- A maths project! Solve a great equation. Then again, your exams are very…evil.

      I have been as well as you can be in this freezing cold weather 😀


      • HAZAAR!

        *ahem* Hey now. Two papers. 50% either way. Chuck in a calculator halfway or so and Bob’s your uncle, Maths GCSE. (Okay yeah it’s probably a bit more technical than that but hehe 😀 )
        I still sigh at coursework.

        Great excuse for…TEA!!!!
        Though actually, I’ve been drinking more coffee as of late. Hmm

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      • *cue motivational speech*
        Conclusion: whatever happens, maths will always love YOU!
        Coursework to the next level (well, different): controlled assessment. Now there’s a real meanie.
        Weeeeell…..okay. Success rate of coffee in terms of satisfaction does seem to be higher. (Don’t tell anyone I said that. 😉 For the record, I still love tea. Tea is my everything.)

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  3. Feeling your pain on the misunderstandings of a university students time off! Currently I am off and have been agonizing over the lack of things I really have to do right now. I start new classes in January and am anxious to see my syllabus but I can’t right now. I already have my new text books and have been debating on whether or not to open them yet. I keep telling myself to enjoy my time off but it is grueling when there are things on that proverbial backburner right now that will soon over boil if you don’t keep them under control!

    Thanks for sharing your musings with us. 🙂

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