Semester One..

Well it has been a while but I can’t say I have been tremendously busy. The beginning of university has taken some getting used to and at the end of this semester I have come up with a resolution: to put more effort into the next one as I know now what is expected, how to surf the waves of lectures and seminars and how to improve. 

When people ask how is uni, it seems they expect some form of excited answer but the fact is there is not one to give. For me, university is about learning, a gateway to a better job and a better life. Often, I cannot wait to be done with university which I know may have you hard-working adults rolling your eyes but it is true. I want to get out there into the working world and progress forward in that regard.

Why? Well because life isn’t so comfortable at the moment when money is tight and the parents are struggling for cash. Sometimes I want to help out by just transferring my entire student grant over to them but obviously that would mean an end to university, as well as blasphemous right-wing attacks on how benefits have been misappropriated. So yes, I would like to start working so I can really start living.

Enjoy your student years? I don’t really want to, to be honest. I want to go forward, take on challenges, make a difference, begin the climb up the career ladder. I believe life truly starts once you are out of education as it is then that you begin to face the challenges of life and see what living as an adult is really all about. I want to do that but of course, due to the restrictions we have in our society, I cannot simply jump into the working world and expect to prosper. First, I will have to spend £9,000 a year on my university education.

I don’t really feel terribly excited when I think about the next three years of my degree but when I think about the work experience I have lined up in the Easter break and the quest to find an internship for the summer; now those are the kind of thoughts which thrill me.

Until Next Time

A Worried Student

6 thoughts on “Semester One..

  1. I can understand your reasoning. I however, as a college student am in a good place. No I don’t have a full time job, but I get to work at my school right up until I graduate. We just have to take it one day at a time and not rush ourselves. We will get there when we get there.

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  2. The easiest time to quit college is when you’re the most discouraged! Hang in there! A hundred more doors will be opened for you if and when you graduate. Of course, you should search out as many professional experiences as possible during your 4 or so years to make your resume more glowing when you’re looking for a “real” job. In addition, you might research hard to find where and how each course you take will help you in your future professional desires. Yes, each course you’re forced to take does help you in the future! I promise!

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