Tell Me What I Shouldn’t Do

Tell me what I shouldn’t do

So you won’t term me a terrorist

Or some crazy extremist


I get up every morning

And just like you

I groan at the thought of another long day


Then its the rush hour traffic for me

And you; trains are packed

People are tired and whacked


As a seat becomes free,

I take out a book and see

The front cover,


Tick Tock it says

And I wonder whether

It will be safe to read it


When dressed like this

I catch the stares and glares

Will that man get anxious?


But the book is a gripping tale

So I hide the cover

And decide to read


But over my shoulder I feel

Eyes on my page,

A bomb’s just exploded in the station


So will those eyes begin to think,

That I am doing some research or something?

Detective Bennet drives to the station.


And I arrive at my destination.

University of London.

Dressed like this


Is he taking the piss?

The suits and ties scream

But I’ve been where they are


And perhaps permanently one day,

But for now I stick to how I’m dressed.

Is that so bad?

6 thoughts on “Tell Me What I Shouldn’t Do

  1. WOW. Just WOW. My daughter is your age and started university at the same time. She has nothing like this to deal with. She can read what she wants, sit where she wants, fade into the background if she so chooses. Thank you so much for letting us see through your eyes. And thank you for your generosity to the riders on the train, in spite of their prejudices.

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