WordPress Does Change..

When I first began blogging around eight months ago, there were certain people and blogs whom I’d encounter regularly and they would encounter mine but as the months go by, the scene changes. New people decide to enter the world of blogging whilst some decide to leave, however, there are others like me who seem to stick to it.

One of the clichΓ©s when it comes to blogging is that every post turns out to be an apology such as: “Oh sorry I haven’t blogged in a while!” You’re not really sorry, you’re not sorry, you’ve just been easy which is totally acceptable, we aren’t going to beat you up about it! Unless of course you have been writing amazing stories and left us on a cliffhanger, now that would be just plain evil.

Blogging over a long amount of time is difficult and I have certainly had times where I thought “oh well, forget posting today.” I’ve found that it is okay to do that. You can give yourself a break as you can simply come back to your blog a few days later.Β 

What can be limiting though, are hard, rigid targets. The most obvious example is the blog a day one which yes, I stuck to a lot when I first began blogging but it should be something which encourages you to write, not where you force yourself to pull something out of your tired mind as you fall asleep. Also, some targets can take the form of a theme such as: ‘Key Political Ideologies’ and you may state that you will be discussing them in the next few posts but what happens if you change your mind the next day? Instead you suddenly decide you want to blog about something completely different like an alien invasion. These types of targets can sometimes crush your spirit as you miss a day and then begin to let your blogging slide until suddenly a whole month has passed since your last post.

Don’t let that happen. There are many instructions and ideas on the internet about how to blog but I think if you want it to be a fun and enjoyable experience then just do it all your own way. If you want to talk about the deep seriousness of philosophy one day and review Michael McIntyre’s Comedy Road Show then so be it!

Oh and to all the people who were right there with me when I first started blogging then my new profile pic is a little treat! Remember the days when you had no idea whether I was a boy or girl, how old I am or anything about me really except of course my opinions!

Until Next Time

A Worried Student

24 thoughts on “WordPress Does Change..

  1. I set a goal for myself to blog everyday these last two and a half weeks for this month. I’m actually doing well. At least now I know that I have what it takes to blog daily. After the close of October who knows if I’ll continue to post everyday. Oh and I’ve taken months from writing and when I get back I say to myself, “what in the world have you been doing girl?” Living life sometimes gets in the way of writing. You have to live life to creative life (i.e short stories, poetry, etc). Nice post. Keep it up!

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  2. I really enjoy reading about your life’s experiences. Don’t give up. My blog is meant to encourage teachers and principals. Your blog is an encouragement to other types of people. If they give up, more will come because you’re a wonderful writer and what most bloggers enjoy to read.

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  3. Nice profile picture. You couldn’t hide behind a doodle for ever:) And, blogs about the ups and downs of daily life are rather special. Consider that there are 7 billion people on Earth, most of whom you will never meet. A little glimpse of someone’s life via their blog is something to enjoy.

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  4. I think one thing that seems to have a mental go at me is what happens when I run out of ideas? Interestingly, I don’t feel that I have too much – some crazy thing worth blabbing on about crops up – but o.O it’s one helluva thought.
    And congrats on le profile picture.

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    • Haha yes those ideas haunt me to at times and as you say, crazy ideas pop up but some days they don’t (I don’t have as exciting a life as you :P) so I end up taking a break or thinking quite hard about a post. Thanks πŸ˜€


      • Haha no! You’re life must be more exciting *cough cough UNI student* You’re like, at the top of the food chain!
        I’m like, a meek mollusc of a girl trying to crawl through school XD


      • Noo just essays! Whilst you are enjoying your half-term I have 3 essays and more reading to do πŸ˜›
        Enjoy the school! Not to say university is boring, it just hasn’t been very entertaining yet since it has all been about learning how to do everything.

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      • True true; half term has been kind to me (more time for maths!) but still, arghh there are too many subjects to worry about at this stage. I thought I’d feel relieved when I could drop subjects (sorry to say History and I split amicably XD ) but I feel worse! Gah too much concentration.
        ….I don’t quite see what you mean by “learning how to do everything”?

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      • Maths -_-
        Hmm yes it can be overwhelming in that regard, especially as GCSEs become tougher but I think once you feel confident with all the theory then you can relax a bit.
        Well just getting used to university and the tasks set which in my case means essays. Read this chapter and do a close reading-a common task but terribly uncommon before university! So getting used to that, the reading, the coursework, managing self-study time and the annoying travelling!

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      • I think you mistyped. You mean Maths πŸ™‚
        I think it’s the iGCSEs to be honest and boards and blah. I know you’re essentially learning the same-ish stuff (depending on units and blah) but well, hmm, my brother and I talked about it this morning on Geography, and how when he compared specs..well, some ways of doing things seem tougher? I don’t know. Just our opinons there.
        Ah I see; and oh the travelling!


  5. Lately man I’ve been setting goals planning my stuff on a calender. My idea instead of stressing about a post take what that has been the most interesting thought within the last hour (or minute). Plan on making a post on it and the other idea that you’ve been stressing about give it a title (to remember later) and save it as a draft. That way when you forget any ideas you can refer to that saved idea and work on it whenever. So when people see your post they know you took your sweet sweet time. πŸ™‚

    P.S That profile pic holds a lot of swagger. XD

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  6. So true! I started with an October challenge and wanted to write a prompt everyday! But life didn’t fit into that so now im blogging when I want to. And I’m doing a prompt every now and then and I’m probably also gonna do some of them in November 😝


  7. Life has been extremely full. Tweaking, and adjusting, and rescuing, and finding what got lost, and paying the piper for a lousy dance, and on. But today’s title caught my attention. I’m glad it did because your words were refreshing and offered forgiveness.

    What impressed me about your blog when I first read it was the fresh, young voice with the many complicated thoughts about so many things. It was not at all what TV images say that voice and mind are about. And I was glad and relieved. I was encouraged that not all of the younger generations are non-adapting “Selfie”s and it became apparent that it’s safe to breathe and slow the pace by a micro-second or so.

    Good job.


  8. You’ve done well for a mere eight months, compared to how long I’ve been here, it’s evident you’ve achived it by frequent quanitity and quality. Being comfortable with not writing anything in a while, is a mentality I too have. I don’t write anyone. The condition for making a post for me, is if I don’t have an original or worthy idea, don’t bother writing. Hence, I have stalled recently, but no reason to give up.

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