The Life Of AWS

So what has been going on in the life of A Worried Student?  Well apart from the ceiling crashing down in my bedroom as mentioned in my previous post, life has simply been screaming: “Aaah university is alot of hard work!”

The jump is huge. Those people who said that A-levels are harder, I am not entirely sure they were correct. Perhaps they meant the end process, where exams at university tend to not mean as much as those at A-levels but the type of work you do at university is far more complex than that studied at A-level. What I found most interesting and challenging was the way they simply set writing tasks with the idea that you shall be given very little guidance. I think students can definitely be much better prepared for this through a simple essay writing course during A-levels.

The reading for upcoming lectures and seminars is also quite a heavy load. I found it pretty overwhelming until I decided to simply write everything I needed to read, down and then ticking them off the list as I did so. An English degree is not all about reading stories though, there are modules such as literary theory which discusses the roots of language which can be quite a complex concept to grasp at first, especially when you are reading people like Saussure. A name so uncommon in itself that my phone just autocorrected it to sausage.

I am slowly getting used to it though. The first year may not mean much in terms of grades but it certainly is essential in allowing you to develop your skills as a university student and if you don’t get your act together, then the next two years would be a mess.

Another thing I found tricky was the process of buying a laptop. A laptop? Where did you get the money from? A valid question to ask and the answer is that I luckily received some unexpected bursary from the university without which I would certainly not have been able to afford such a machine. It has also had the most welcome effect of reducing my worries about money in general. For this year, the funding seems to be sorted with family helping out with loans and next year shall hopefully go smoothly as long as the plans to save up aren’t thrown into unexpected turmoil.

This has made me wonder though, students who are living at home like me but who don’t have to worry about paying their fees each year must certainly be enjoying the bursaries that they can make full use out of instead of saving for the terrible fees. Anyway, more about money in upcoming posts.

This has been quite a ramble of a post but perhaps you lovely fellows needed such an update after a period of silence on my part.

Until Next Time

A Worried Student

3 thoughts on “The Life Of AWS

  1. I miss my literature degree! I graduated last year. All that time writing and reading. It was hard work at times, but I loved it. Now I’m doing a psychology degree and it is very different. Essays are so boring now. And all of the referencing is just killer.

    But aww the struggle of the uni student. I am not looking forward to moving back out. It is so expensive! Rent and textbooks and bills and food. Bleh.


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