Dashed To The Ground

I was extremely excited about a job that I had applied for. It was a tutoring position at a tuition centre which paid well. After going through the process of having an interview and a lesson trial, I was feeling fairly confident about getting the job. Finally I could do away with the underpaid position that I currently work at. The mere thought of leaving that place made me chuckle excitedly. If you have ever worked at a place where you were sick and tired of it then you may understand me better.

So, when the call came yesterday to discuss my working hours at the new place, imagine my shock when they informed that there will be a probation period in which I will be paid a reduced rate. That may sound ok until you realise that the probation period is for six months! Six months!

It sounds more like as if I am on parole than working. However, I may still have taken it if it wasn’t for the fact that the working hours were not enough each day to make it worthwile to do for six months. After being denied an increase in salary or a reduction in the probation period, I sadly declined the job offer.

So onwards we go, to more job hunting! But if you live in East London and would like your child to receive private English Tuition then get in touch. What? I may aswell plug my business right?

Until Next Time

A Worried Student

12 thoughts on “Dashed To The Ground

  1. I know what you mean about hating your job. I had one for a period that was simply horrible. The working conditions were awful, we only got one 15 minute break in an 8 hour shift (which I’m pretty sure is illegal in some way), and the job would make me either feel like Hitler or like murdering someone before going right to sleep by the time my shift was over. As much as I needed the money, I was so glad whenever they’d tell me I could go home early.
    It was so aggravating. When they hired me they said they’d train me to work at the front desk as soon as they had their systems up and running (because someone decided to open before everything was even finished being built), which they never did, and they also made me work long hours standing still on my feet with no shoes in a freezing cold warehouse with terrible heating despite the fact that I have fallen arches (though to be fair, it was an indoor trampoline facility with a no shoes on the jump area rule). I stayed for a little over a month before quitting because I’d finally found a replacement job.
    What was really the extra nail in the coffin for me was that on the day I was going to give notice a kid sliced his knee open in the foam pit and I was the one delegated to patching him up, despite having no first aid training whatsoever, because of course he had to cut himself open when it was really busy. I had to scrounge through the giant box of medical supplies (which was not organized in anyway) for something to patch the kid up and clean his cut with (there was no polysporin or gloves in the box either, for some reason) while his mother gave me hell about what I was apparently doing wrong until I finally broke down and went to cry in the break/supply room while someone else helped the kid.
    That job was one nightmare I was more than glad to put behind me. I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy.


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