Excuse Season

“Sir, please can you give me less homework? I’ve started school and I have got so much this year!”

As a tutor, this is something you tend to hear nearly every lesson at the start of the academic year as students try to dodge their way out of more work. Often, they may have a point and so I would reduce their workload but usually they are simply seeking more Play Station time. It still makes me laugh when a seven-year old complains of homework. They do have it slightly harder though as I only began receiving homework when I was 12. I’m mot sure whether that is just how it was back then (a measly seven years ago) or whether my primary school was actually as cool as I always thought it was.

There is one kid I know who definitely isn’t taking the new academic year well. My little brother has just starter his secondary school academy and has been struggling to stay afloat amongst the pile of rules, regulations and textbooks. Poor kid, parenting skills shall be required to deliver much needed pep talks over the coming weeks.

Until Next Time

A Worried Student

17 thoughts on “Excuse Season

  1. AWW ❤ these kids. I can relate to them (which isn't all that great considering I've got GCSEs on the horizon XD )
    There's one of my classes at school where we have a little grumble/plead over homework – but seriously ah there's just so much it's unreal. And tests too!

    ….homework when you were TWELVE?!
    12!!!! That's so cool!
    Oh my …. I got it ages before that XD

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      • ….I must say, I grumble at maths sometimes too. IT’S OKAY! Our most recent homework was positively evil….

        From my extra maths (and I did English too), I received homework when I was 5 XD
        School…now I can’t remember that. AH IM SO OLD


  2. Imaginative excuses are the best; dead badgers on the line at Cockfosters; an outbreak of ebola in the cupboard where you keep your school bag; dropped books while being chased by zombies, all are perfectly acceptable…try and see 🙂


  3. The kids today can and WILL come up with a TON of excuses, and, you need to Dog Ate My Disk” by Caroline Foster Segal, she has an ASSORTMENT, a classification of endless excuses that the students come up with, for NOT turning in their work on time.


  4. I had a writing tutor for about a year when I was a kid. She was pretty cool. She gave me an awesome journal thing with little writing/creativity activities for me to do (though I can’t remember whether or not she assigned me to do them for homework or not) and she read “Sounder” with me and taught me how to use note cards (a skill I have long since forgotten at this point). She also taught me a fun little game called Shut the Box. I can’t remember the rules to save my life, but I do recall that it had nothing to do with writing whatsoever. It was a lot of fun, and I probably would have kept seeing her if we hadn’t moved back to Canada.


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