Do We Live Or Exist?

Do we live anymore or do we just exist? Existing to record every opportunity where we could have lived yet chose to simply exist?

That beautiful sunset on holiday when you decided to message your friends about how amazing it all looked whilst you yourself forgot to enjoy its beauty until you glanced up from your phone to see the sun had sunk between the clouds. Opportunity wasted.

That time where you were on the beach but instead of exploring the sensations of the sea you remained cocooned in your digital world and the only thing your fingertips felt was the cold dull glass of your touchscreen box of existence.

Exisiting to record things without any purpose. Is this what we have become? Snaps of this, snaps of that and with a touch of a button strangers all over the world see the sight before us yet they may receive more life from that one photo than you do whilst you stand right there in front of the Grand Canyon or Mount Everest. Exisiting like robots. Do we stop to think, pause and allow ourselves to breathe in life? Do we stop to feel?

When was the last time you opened yourself upto contemplation? To allow yourself to revel in the beauty of life? Have you pondered at the moon, the sun, the stars and the skies above? The fluffy candyfloss clouds cater for us yet have we ever gazed up at them in true wonder and happiness?

Our albums are littered with smiles and poses but are they real or merely an act? Grinning faces pulled for the camera at the restaurant table whilst we entertained evil thoughts about the person sitting next to us. Our brother or sister, uncle or aunt but that didn’t seem to matter as long as the perfect shot was taken for Instagram and friends or strangers could see how you appeared to be living. An act.

You don’t have to throw your phone in the bin in order to live. A break and a pause is required. An understanding of when it should be put down and where your priorities lie.

We need to start living.

Until Next Time

A Worried Student

33 thoughts on “Do We Live Or Exist?

  1. I’v stopped and stared around me – at night time, when it’s all dreamy and nice. But I feel restricted because these moments…of pure, unfiltered bliss…I always sense their near death. I anticipate their end, so I don’t feel sad when it happens.
    Sometimes I think people are scared to feel. I’m like that.

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  2. Awesome post, I think about this all the time! Especially at concerts when people are distracted, trying to record their favorite song, rather than just enjoying it. In an effort to preserve these moments, we completely lose them in the process. Rewatching a video or glancing at a photo will never give us the same fulfillment that the actual moment offered. It’s incredibly important to just be present and take it all in.

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  3. Agreed that our digital world has taken over “living” and caring for others. I just spent time walking around our local shopping mall. Amazing how many people were walking while texting and/or talking! They weren’t even enjoying the opportunity to look at and help other humans around them. On TV families are now being encouraged to put DOWN the digital tools and talk to each other while sitting around a table that isn’t in front of a TV! Amazingly sad how the 10-30 somethings have lost contact with family. So sad!

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  4. This was phenomenally thought-out and then written. Well-done! I get so annoyed when I’m at concerts and it seems like EVERYONE is recording the entire concert and they probably never go back and watch these recordings. Put the phone in your pocket and enjoy what’s in front of you. It’s better to remember things about how they made you feel instead of not having those memories and just having the hard evidence of what it was like, in my opinion.

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    • Thank you 😀
      Ahah the concert example really does seem to be a big one for people. That’s true, half of the things recorded are only replayed when it comes to deciding which files to keep on the phone.
      Definitely! Memories full of emotion are far better


  5. Congratulations, on this post! I am glad someone your age has observed and felt this. I find this digital space silly n make believe, and often feel social media has made a mockery of our real selves. It’s nice to see there are others who typically thrive on social media begin to feel this way.


  6. This is why I’m cautious for when the day may come where I own a shiny device, I feel somewhat offended when people tell me that soon my complete abstinence of touch devices will become an impossibilty. As if I have a predisposition for a constant demand of approval, of drowning the world away with music, the need to be constantly contacting people.

    I am comfortable with my own achivements, the sound of reality however possibly annoying it maybe, and the ability to be alone.


  7. I told my husband I wanted to spend the day out exploring, but secretly (not so secretly since he’s a smart guy) I really just wanted to take pictures for my blog. Ridiculous. Luckily my camera ran out of batteries.


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