You Should’ve Told Me There’s No Need To Be Nervous!

A break from the Turkey Holiday posts. I went to a job interview today. Well, it was actually a trial lesson as it was at a tuition centre that I had previously applied for. Remember the one where I had said were taking a while to reply and being terribly ambiguous?

I had sent them an email but had not received a reply so I decided to simply text the owner which yes, sounds quite unconventional but my pestering paid off. I first received a reply to contact them again in early September but once  it hit the 5th, I sent another text thinking it was suitably early in September. After not receiving a reply, I sent another slightly longer one wondering if the owner kept my messages so saw them as a chain or received each one anew. I have nothing to lose I told myself so I hit send and was amazed to received a phone call immediately!

So today I went for a trial lesson which I was told would determine whether I am suitable for the position. Naturally, I was extremely nervous and so suited and booted I arrived wondering how it will feel to be judged so intently as I tutor a group of kids.

The reality could not have been more different. It was a far more relaxed environment than I was imagining. I was told to simply take the English class which made me wonder if the centre supervisor had misunderstood and thought that I was a new teacher instead of being there for a trial! There was no scary inspector leaning over my shoulder with a clipboard or tense moments of silence. I laughed to myself about how nervous I had been feeling.

Hopefully, I shall be blessed with a university timetable which allows me to work there but for that, I have to wait till next week. Great, more waiting!

Until Next Time

A Worried Student

9 thoughts on “You Should’ve Told Me There’s No Need To Be Nervous!

  1. Awww! Well I’m glad that it wasn’t as scarily intense as you’d imagined it would be XD
    Let’s hope all goes well and your timetable fits nicely around it. How does university give you a timetable though? Like..just how? It’s just..the thought of squillions of students with timetables makes for QUITE a mental image!


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