Visiting theme parks is always a day of excitement mixed with fear. Well it was for me since a couple of years ago but now that fear has passed down to my little brother and cousins so of course I enjoyed teasing them yesterday when we visited Thorpe Park.

I have to say though, they had an extremely easy time with me compared to what I had to go through with my uncles! Exaggerated tales of people dying or having heart attacks or falling out of the ride, the list is endless. Whilst I would dismiss their words and push myself to conquer my fears, my elder brother would sometimes become a bit scared but like all rides, once you go on them, they become ‘easy’ or ‘fun’.


0-80 in 2.3 seconds. I have no idea why it is called Stealth when it makes such a loud noise!

Those are the words my little brother used to describe the ride he had just screamed his whole way through. Screaming on rides is good though, when it is done out of excitement but not sheer terror and panic! Apparently, screaming actually makes the rides seem more exciting so next time you go on, yell your lungs out before having a warm drink to soothe your vocal cords.


The Swarm at Thorpe Park

I actually was planning on taking more photos but forgot to until we came to this ride. By this time my little brother had retired from the ‘big rides group’ but I had to encourage my young cousin to brave it. Amazingly he did! Although he angrily shouted ‘don’t hold my hand’ as we were going up!

It was a beautiful day and may perhaps prove to be the last day of summer in London judging by the day of rain we have had today. I did however experience typical timing issues with my parents as I had said we will be leaving at 8am in order to get there before the park opens. I thought that we would end up leaving at 8:30 but in reality, we left at 9:05! A whole hour later! Terrible right?


Until Next Time

A Worried Student

25 thoughts on “Thrills!

  1. I recently got out of my rides-fear when I conquered the main roller coaster at universal studios Singapore!!! Woohooo…since then there has been no looking back 😀 and you are right screaming makes the ride bearable. Haha


  2. I am SUCH a scaredy cat when it comes to grand-daddy rides and rollercoasters. I am terrified of heights and the drops make my gizzard go up and down. But! I like to think I’m brave and can conquer the world before I actually sit in the ride… Then I my heart dies for a second. 😀


  3. I used to love theme parks when I was a kid. I wasn’t scared at all, not even at the biggest roller coaster of the park. This summer I visited our local theme park for the first time in years and I have to admit that I can’t go through those big rides that good anymore. The biggest roller coaster just made me sick and I couldn’t enjoy it anymore 😦


  4. XD I’m such a baby with these things. I’m tempted to stick with the excuse of “i’ll just watch the kids go on the rides from the sidelines,” (kids meaning my friends or family!) I kinda stick to Chessington 🙂


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