What do you do after it has rained during Summer in England? Pull out the BBQ of course. We are not going to let dear old H20 mess up our plans right?

That’s what we did today after a downpour of rain which threatened to sink all our hopes of a BBQ down the drain, literally. Thankfully, once the sky had emptied, it was all fluffly white clouds and blue skies so the BBQ turned out quite nicely.


If you're a vegetarian, sorry! There is salad...

Now I wouldn’t say I am a pro at it all but there is always that little competition of who can get the BBQ lit properly. If it is between my siblings and I, then it is an easy contest but my dad likes to do it all himself so at times he tries to steal my glory! After I started it all up, he declared he had caused the BBQ to light up properly simply by fanning it a few times? Pah- yes, this is perhaps how men compete over a BBQ; not who has the best recipe but who has the power of the fire. Tremendous silly fun.

I tell you what isn’t fun though. The cleaning up headache at the end. Scrubbing the grill down and taking the coals out when after eating all that food you just want to lie down and relax. Torture!

21 thoughts on “Dealing With British Weather

  1. *wipes drool from mouth* FOOD!
    Dat chicken….! And oh, the rain, I know! I was out and about (in London 😛 ) today and the clouds were simply chucking it down. Awful!


      • LOL! XD (But a few little chicken pieces here and there…I was down Oxford Street so ya know..taxi!)
        Ah brilliant. I’m hungry now.

        Great? But it was so wet and slippery! *sighs at wrong choice of footwear*


      • Ahaha, oh but the expense of the taxi XD
        Ah, it’s never too late for food! *ponders….tea or coffee* (yes, I consider beverages as food)
        Yes, rain is good, but rightly said, not when shopping! Gah – and my sister’s buggy was a menace to push down the streets -_-


      • NO WAY! Worried Student – Mr London, I never knew!
        I’ve only been a couple of times – and it’s always a bit squashed with all the family >.<
        Now I should pay for YOUR taxi!

        Regal, regal image! Ahhaa I shall have a cuppa in the morning, methinks. It's tempting now, but I shall resist.


  2. I know that feeling, dreading the clean up that’s pending at our house right now. Food is almost done, so, you had to post this. Reminder! Of what’s to come…. Note to self—eat slowly, totally enjoy, for soon I to must clean.
    Enjoyed your story. :^)


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