The University Conundrum

I’ve just completed my A-levels and like thousands of students across the country, I will be going on to university this year. However, the ironic thing about this is that from a young age we were taught to work hard in order to achieve well in education but now the tune has changed. Apparently university is not the greatest way forward anymore and if you surf the pages of the internet describing results day, you will find many commenters simply putting down the student’s achievements with remarks like ‘exams are far too easy’ or ‘university is a waste of time.’

Now, these comments may have some degree of truth to them but what use are they to students who have worked their whole lives to get to where they are now? Why weren’t we told of this fallacy before? Instead we were told again and again that university is the way forward and so we strove and continue to strive.

Yes the economy is weak and fees are rising and you can ask the question whether a degree really is worth but the simple fact is that many jobs out there want a degree, even if they do not pay well. So you may never get your money’s worth but you will still get a job, I hope. This uncertainty is what drives students to continue on the path to university as it is what the majority are doing. The only way this idea that a degree is essential to any job will be destroyed is if everyone decided to boycott studying at degree level. Now you tell me, is that ever going to happen?

In the meantime, I’ll continue with my studies and take my chances.

21 thoughts on “The University Conundrum

  1. True, a lot of these kind of comments (such as “university isn’t necessary”) are being said, but then, I think it comes down to how dedicated a student is. It’s quite a commitment…maybe that’s also an element here? I don’t know. But writing papers, submitting things, attending lectures. It sounds like a lot, which I’m sure it is. Yeah, fees can deter people, but maybe it comes down to how much you want it.


      • Ah, but you’ll have gained both knowledge and experience. Plus, although some jobs don’t require degrees, in a way, having one can propel you towards empolyment, right?
        True, it’s a bit of a “mystery” as to what happens in the future, but I guess you have to learn to figure out how to approach what you want, and go for it.


  2. In this day and age, it seems, that having a VIABLE skill you can make a living off of is more important than getting that four-year-degree, after all, what you learned inside those four walls don’t necessarily have anything to do with the areas of work you might take up later on in life, but, university is something that some of us must go through, in order to get to where we’re supposed to be, like me, what i’m doing right now (for a living, that is), has almost NOTHING to do with what they taught me in school, so, education is just a passageway to somewhere you’re supposed to be in life later on…


  3. The same issue is in the us too. You have people with master degrees working at mcdonalds. It’s like a person spends all that time going through school. But without experience no ones going to take you. I see this happen why too often in the medical field. People who spend the whole time trying to make the cut only to realize they don’t want them because they didn’t have any experience if they did then it wasn’t enough. Actually are jobs are like that nowadays. At least jobs that pay anyway. 😛


      • Yep while more and more are tuned into the ghetto mentality of why going to a college is a waste of time. I say its better to actually to go to college to do what you want to do rather than whats considered “applicable” in the job market or what your parents want you to do.
        I live in Florida and more and more people are trying to become nurses because it’s a large job field now the problem with that is. The more people who want to become the more the competition increases. Which makes it even harder to become a nurse. I’m glad I’m not into that I can’t stand blood.


      • That’s true which makes it slightly harder to find a good college that’s cheap. That’s why about community colleges. It’s inexpensive, two years and if you want to transfer to a university you can do that. I really appreciate the smaller class sizes and the diversity.


  4. I think the best thing about university will be the opportunity to continue our education and learn new things. I love learning and certainly don’t think that that’s ‘a waste of time’. I don’t think it matters too much about whether university is necessary or not, as long as you enjoy it and learn more about the subject you love.


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