Remember that post where I described how I was upset that I hadn’t been outside during a rainstorm?  Well yesterday, my wish was granted. I was royally, completely and utterly drenched.

I was taking my bike to the local Halfords for its six weeks service when the first drops suddenly began to fall. In seconds, it had become a storm as huge dollops of rain battered the pavements, blinding drivers and the poor bike rider on the road, AKA Me! It was amazing, I had barely ridden two blocks when I had to stop since I could not see. I was soaked to the skin and my new trousers were now a darker shade of blue.

Rain does change people you know. I found myself smiling and nodding at every person who walked past as we grinned at each other’s situation. It was a beautiful rainstorm and as thunder rumbled overhead, I thought I may as well get myself to Halfords since I was so wet that riding in the rain again would not make any difference.

It was as I stood there that I thought damn, I should have brought my new phone as I would have been able to use its camera in the rain with its waterproof feature! When I reached Halfords, dripping like a dog who’d just leapt out of the sea, I stood there grinning in spite of my condition and I sheepishly smiled as the employee mopped up the puddle I had created.

The post office on the corner was shut due to flooding. Do you know how annoying it was to run from Halfords to the Post Office, only to be faced with a big wooden door barring me from shelter? So off I went, running back to dear old Halfords where one employee was now saying customers should leave their bikes outside if they only wanted to buy products. “The Post Office is closed” I offered as way of an explanation to the woman who’d watched incredulously as I had dared to leave the safety of the shop as it pelted down. “What a plonker” she must have been thinking.


The aftermath, sunny blue skies whilst my window (and I) were still soaked.

It was glorious but I think I’ve had enough rain for a few weeks now, especially since my bedroom ceiling is looking a bit delicate. If you ever want to cheer up though, then a summer storm will certainly help you out. True rain lovers will understand what I am talking about.

Until Next Time

A Worried Student

6 thoughts on “Caught Out In The Beautiful Rain

  1. When I read this post it made me smile. I had a similar rain experience not too long ago. I was walking/jogging across campus in a downpour without my umbrella while cheesing and laughing like an idiot. I had to use a hand dryer in the bathroom to manage my soaked hair. Good times. Good times. 🙂

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  2. ah, getting drenched in a summer rain is quite a pleasure. But were it a cold autumn/winter/early spring rain it would be quite a different and much much less enjoyable experience – being wet and cold ain’t fun at all


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