Where do you go when you have been kicked out of the house? Relax, I don’t mean permanently but tonight my brothers and I were ‘politely’ directed out of the front door in order to make way for the women who were gathering at my house in order to make preparations for my brother’s wedding.

So we decided to visit a local tea and coffee shop which is something I don’t normally do. I mean, apart from being expensive, I like my things homemade like my morning coffee which is nothing fancy but suits me just fine. This however was different as we indulged in Turkish tea which is fabulous, chocolate fudge cake and strawberry cheesecake which was absolutely divine.


If you haven’t tried Turkish tea then I suggest you quickly do! It is light yet strong so gives you a nice buzz.


I need some more of this!

Oh and as a bonus, we have come home to some more desert. There goes any hope or chance of a diet!

Until Next Time

A Worried Student

14 thoughts on “Late Night Desserts

  1. Turkish tea! I’ve never heard of this *to google I FLY!* 🙂
    And the cake looks delicious *wipes away drool…err casually*


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