Top Recent Commenters

It is pretty difficult picking my favourite bloggers so as a token of appreciation here is a mention to the top recent commenters on my blog as told to me by the stats page. So if you are thinking hey I should be on this page then, go beat up WordPress! I may join you, since they still haven’t fixed the app.

1. Deep Blue ZΒ  – It is inevitable that Deep Blue will be top of this list since she is a blogger who has been visiting my blog since it’s very beginning.Thank you Z, hope you like the name I’ve given you! A remarkable, witty and funny blog, please go pay a visit!

2. Screenkicker! As you can imagine, dear Mikey from Screenkicker gets really angry when watching a terrible movie. Some say he is barred from twenty five cinemas due to his tendency to go wild during rubbish screenings such as…well he will be ableΒ  to give further (and true) details so go pay his blog a visit!

3. Willow River- It is always lovely to see new faces on my blog who become active readers of it and Willow is one of them. A great writer, go check the river out!

4. Payton E – A stunning blog which as one person described, is almost impossible to believe is true. Payton writes about her experiences of life and the things it gives her as well as providing tips on how to live healthy. Go check it out!

5. Mommy X 4 Boys – There are many parents blogging about their experiences with children but I think this is one of the best. Written well with great humour, it never fails to provide a chuckle.

So thank you to each and every blogger, commenter and reader. I hope you’ve enjoyed and my blog and now onwards to the future- and more blogging.

A Worried Student

16 thoughts on “Top Recent Commenters

  1. NAWWWW. This is awesome. I shall go check out these other blogs promptly!
    (Hehe I was thinking of doing something similar for if if hit 500. And guess who is my top commenter?) πŸ˜€


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