My Wisdom Is Growing

I know it is not good to boast and I detest arrogant people but today I can honestly say my wisdom is growing, even as I type. Have I been injected with some Gamma rays of the intelligence kind? Alas no, instead the wisdom is growing in my mouth.

Wisdom teeth. Cheeky little things which creep up on you in your teenage years out of the gums of your mouth. When you’d thought that your body has had enough of teething, it decides to sprout a few more. Although it only slightly hurts by making your mouth feel a bit heavy, it can cause you to feel sick with the flu. Hence, why is it called wisdom teeth?

Old people don’t grow new teeth and wisdom tends to come in old age right? So why on earth are they called this! All it does is let adults tease teenagers by saying “Oh now your brain is finally growing.”

It has left me feeling homesick which is why I am looking forward to getting back home (and to my own bed this Sunday. In other news, that is when I should get the 2000 followers post done. I have decided to do a question and answer post, a few (oh so exciting) facts about myself and oh yes, a ‘reveal’ photo of me. Exciting?

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Until Next Time

A Worried Student

34 thoughts on “My Wisdom Is Growing

  1. Oh my god…I thought wisdom teeth hit when you turned like, forty!
    Get well soon (do people say that?). Oh my. Oh my..oh my…AHHH I don’t want to ever turn 18 now!

    And congrats on 2000!!!!!! πŸ˜€ Excited for the blog post!


  2. When I had my wisdom teeth pulled at the age of 18, I was told they were called “wisdom teeth” because people are supposed to have matured to adulthood by that age. Adulthood meant knowing how to be mature. Good luck on that!


      • Not everybody has to get their wisdom teeth out. If you don’t by like 22 I think it is, you most likely won’t have to get them out. But the majority of people do end up get them coming in and they have to be removed.
        Sometimes people will just get them coming in and out of their gums all their lives and it’ll bother them for a day or two and then stop, so it never becomes a huge issue πŸ™‚
        But a lot of people do have them as issues and get them removed all at once πŸ™‚


  3. My daughter had to have all of hers removed, in preperation for some quite radical dental surgery. She did a very passable physical impression of Buzz Lightyear for several days afterwards!!


  4. I’m turning 23 in September and I have endured all the pain from all of the four wisdom tooth though the last one has just sprouted so my journey to enduring the pain still isn’t finished. Congratulations for the 2k followers. Keep it up. ^^


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