Curiousity And Racism

There is a difference between curiousity and racism. When a close-knit community receives a visitor, it is only expected that stares and perhaps even suspicious glances would greet him. Although they may seem slightly off-putting, it is a reaction which does not have its roots in hatred but only curiousity or fear for security. The community does even have to be close-knit in terms of being a very social and united one but may have never seen a person of another race before except for on television. It is the same reaction they would give to someone of the same race who simply appears to be from a different place. So the long stares are understandable even if they make you feel like you’re treading upon a catwalk!

The problem however, occurs when there is already a layer of hatred built up in the hearts of people for anyone who is not similar to their race. This is racism and of course, it is a terrible thing. You would think that in today’s post civil rights campaign age, racism should be a thing of the past but the reality is entirely different. Racism still exists today against people of all types since attitudes change and people’s concepts of others are influenced by many things. I think however, that in the next generation, we should see an even greater reduction in racism but this would only occur if parents teach their children correctly. Else it’ll be a never ending vicious and despicable cycle of hate without reason.

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A Worried Student

18 thoughts on “Curiousity And Racism

  1. One of the most painful forms of racism, is when it’s “subtle.” As in, it seems acceptable and almost as if it’s not there, when it isn’t.
    Cryptic thought, I’m aware. But still.

    Shame, that is.

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  2. I’m frequently impressed with the large numbers of multiracial groups of teenagers I see in Seattle — something never to be seen in the 1970s England I grew up in. It’s something to be encourage by, I hope.


  3. I concur. The worst type of racism is the one that’s hidden underneath. I am Haitian and in my opinion the worst kinds of racism is within the African American community. So some African Americans think that being Haitian is a curse as a result most Haitians don’t even show what ethnicity they are because of the taunting from other folk. Also I would like to thank you for making my first day at WordPress enjoyable.

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  4. When I think about racism or any other type of discrimation I am brought back to an account of life in biblical times. In the evening the weary travelers, who did not have prior arrangements would gather by the water fountain. This would typically be located in the square in the center of town or village. Anyone found there was to be afforded lodging, food and water from the town’s residents.

    This type of open sharing of one’s home, and means of life is dearly missing. For If one could for one night freely give of themselves to the strangers they would soon learn that we are not strangers after all. We are all travelers on the same journey.

    Live Well, Laugh Often, Love Much. Smile!


  5. It’s gonna take a couple more generations, I think. We’re in that weird ‘in-between’ phase between when it was acceptable and when it will be completely gone. There are many, many people alive today who grew up in that ‘acceptable’ era and they’ll be around for some time yet. But not forever. Attitudes are changing and there will come a day when the weight of modern attitudes crushes the ridiculousness of racism. It’s already happened with certain things such as gay rights. The UK was incredibly homophobic only a couple decades ago, maybe less. Now we have gay marriage. People around a few decades ago would never have imagined that, and although many of them are still around, they keep their mouths shut. They don’t agree with homosexual rights, but they accept it’s ‘the modern way’. It’ll go that way with racism eventually. But it will take a long time. Even the groups who stand for longest against these modern values will fall eventually.

    When the gay marriage thing came through, many religions in England tried to stop it, including mine. All Roman Catholic churches were asked to sign a petition against it and virtually nobody did. These are people who stood against homosexuality for a long time, and yet at my Roman Catholic cathedral, everyone walked on by the petition. Ignored it. And that was the case up and down the country. That almost brought a tear to my eye. And it doesn’t make us any less Catholic. I sincerely hope the day comes when a similar stance is taken by those who discriminate against race. I believe that day will come because I believe humanity can’t always be this stupid.

    We’re very lucky in the UK to live in a forward thinking country. There may be ‘incidents’, but they’re isolated and not of the opinion of the majority.

    I’m a very proud Englander.


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