The Countryside

I am not really sure Yorkshire can be classified as the countryside or simply a small sleepy town. The people here appear to be friendly although there are the few racists who shout out remarks as they drive past. An ignorant bunch, borne out of fear of the unknown.

The one thing that is more annoying is the lack of internet coverage! It means I cannot browse through WordPress posts as I usually do since they take an eternity to load. Perhaps this is the reason why the racist groups are so angry, they just can’t get connected to their favourite website. (Which of course, must be my blog.)

Until Next Time-which may be when I am back in London

A Worried Student

24 thoughts on “The Countryside

  1. Aw I’m sorry to hear about the racist remarks. 😦
    And definitely, they’re definitely deprived of a worried students blog!
    Still. On a serous note; I’m sorry to hear about that.

    But…Yorkshire…Yorkshire tea!


  2. I’m from North Yorkshire, and I have to say, London is a lot worse at that than we are. It’s very common down there. Outright racism is incredibly rare here. London and Yorkshire are two completely different countries. To people from one, the other is a completely alien world. I’ve yet to meet any of my fellow Yorkies who actually like London. Me included. You have to be from here to understand here. Londoners care usually incredibly sensitive. For example, we tend to refer to all Londoners as Cockneys, which I’ve heard many Londoners call ‘extremely racist’. Which is isn’t, it’s just funny. The sense of perspective is greatly different, is my point. We don’t complain when you call all northerners ‘Geordies’ even though the only make up what, 5% of the northern population. Yes, there are racists everywhere, but here, in Yorkshire, certainly less than anywhere else in the country. You just happened to fall into one of the very few areas where it is heard of.

    There’s no denying Yorkshire is the most beautiful countryside on Earth and has the greatest and most beautiful cities in the UK. The people here are the friendliest and most kind-hearted you’ll ever meet, and always say ‘hello’. It’s the exact opposite of London. I wouldn’t leave for the world. It’s true, honest, old-fashioned, proper Britain.

    The sooner we get Yorkshire independence the better 😉


    • Ahah interesting!
      Firstly, apologies if I have offended you in any way. I was just shocked because in all honesty, I haven’t encountered racism in London myself but of course, others sadly do. I was just a bit amazed to be met with a “move on you yellow bas***!” Comment whilst crossing the road. Those people may not have even been true yorkshire people.

      In terms of racism in London, thar really is terrible to hear. You need to come to North/East London where we are all a friendly bunch. I guess in every community there are the odd few who bring shame to the rest.

      Oh yes, Yorkshire is certainly beautiful. Haha 😀


  3. Down in the south, we too have rolling fields of cinematic countrysides. Hampshire is abundant with quiet, middle class, villages and civil parishes. Which too my experience, hasn’t been subjected to much racism at all. Being 96.7% white, no racial tensions exist.


    • Sounds beautiful. Hmm perhaps that can often be the problem, when a new person or race visits then hostilities appear although I don’t think that is always true as humans can understand that racism is wrong. There is a difference between curiosity and racism.


  4. Haha you sound like you’re talking about a different country! My wee brother studies in Huddersfield and he really likes it there. I wouldn’t let it put you off because of one asshole.

    But thats awful to hear that kind of racism in real life. What a dick! No one should have to put up with that kind of shit


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