Car journeys can be fun but mostly they are a chore. Unless you are travelling in luxury and comfort with spacious seats, sufficient legroom and a beautiful view. Sadly, today’s four hour drive along the grey motorway was neither beautiful, luxurious or comfortable. Squeezed into the car like sardines meant falling asleep was quite the problem although a travel pillow certainly helped and was perhaps the first time I actually used it for its purpose instead of fighting over it with my brothers for no reason other than to just have it around my neck like some sort of hugely oversized necklace.


The stormy weather that London has been receiving followed us north and there were moments when spray from the cars ahead splattered onto our windscreen but I guess we were doing the same to those behind us!

We were far too old to be complaining though or to ask the ever annoying “are we nearly there yet” question. As everyone was tired, we managed to fall asleep on each other’s shoulders or travel pillows (only me hehe!) so the journey was thankfully made to seem much shorter.

Another reason why I couldn’t really appreciate the view was simply because I couldn’t see it! Yes, my glasses have still not been repaired and packing them meant the superglue bond had snapped, thus ensuring I sat with a view of a blurry grey mess out of the window since I had taken my contacts off.

Anyway, I am looking forward to amazing pizzas tonight, hopefully I’m not let down!

Until Next Time

A Worried Student

11 thoughts on “Not Travelling In Style

  1. I featured you on my post and gave you an award nomination also! If you look at my post, you will see that others may be visiting you from my blog since you are on a short list of 10 who were given the Most Influential Blogger Award! Congrats, Robin


  2. My brother and I tend to fight over the front seat whenever we drive up to Whistler. The back seat is usually occupied mostly by suitcases, duffle bags, and skis in the winter. Plus, the front just has a nicer view and I’m less likely to get car sick if I choose to pass the time playing games on my phone.


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