Planning The Two Thousand Followers Party

So amazingly the two thousand followers benchmark is approaching-hold your horses no congratulations just yet! What I wanted to ask was, how should we celebrate? As you know in the past, I have done the art pieces for fellow bloggers so that is an option. Another option could be a Q&A post where I answer your questions that you can either comment below or email me. It could also be something entirely different so if you have any ideas then let me know.

I don’t usually ask for post ideas as when I see posts saying ‘here’s my blog, let me know what you think I should talk about.’ I always wonder why on earth did they make the blog if they had nothing to say! So this is slightly different in that its a celebratory posts and can be my way of thanking you awesome people for your support.

So keep the ideas coming!

Oh and if you read the title of the post and though oh wow he is planning a party, well; sorry!

A Worried Student

34 thoughts on “Planning The Two Thousand Followers Party

  1. As a new blogger, I am always trying to find ways to highlight myself and other people during my writing. Although I don’t have enough followers yet to highlight others just yet. One idea is a top five list of the blogs you enjoy readying? Whether it is a well-known blog or a new one? Just an idea for the lockbox!


  2. No congrats…yet! Almost there! I was thinking along the same lines as another blogger, you could do a list of your top favorites but why not write them in your graffiti style artwork? I think it would be an interesting piece to add to your collection and also show your fellow bloggers some love and say “thanks”. Although, I might consider more than five blogs if you are celebrating 2,000 followers. I am sure it will be tough to decide which ones if you go this route.


  3. Trying to offer a suggestion gave me an idea for my own blog, which was to write a post on one of the people that I often think about when writing blogs and hope reads them. He is my biggest fan so to speak. A little tribute or 10 question type thing. Make him feel super special you know m saying?


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