Child’s Play

It was an amazingly hot evening in London but instead of relaxing in the coolness of the living room with the fan whirling merrily, I had to instead do my duties as an older brother by attending my younger brother’s end of year play.

It is his final year at Primary School so it was going to be a big show and from the way he had been going on about it, I was actually looking forward to it. Usually, the reason why we as parents or elder siblings attend such events is simply for moral support and to show our love. Even if our chid has the smallest of parts, we have to be there for them and any ‘real’ entertainment we receive is an added bonus.

Yes as you can tell, I haven’t really experienced any thrilling assemblies or plays. Mainly due to the fact I haven’t had my own children yet! Although from what I have seen, the event/assembly/show is only as good as the amount of effort the teacher is willing to put in. I remember doing one when I was young where it was literally a lecture from our class to the rest of the school on a certain country. Boring.

So when I walked into the hall today alongside my mum, the first thing I smiled at was that the chairs had been taken and only the small low wooden benches were left. Thankfully, after sitting with my legs drawn up, a couple chairs became available and we quickly nabbed them. Immediately, I realised I will have to spend the entire time craning my neck over the large bushy mess of hair of the man in front of me.

The assembly was entertaining although far too long given the stifling conditions of the hall. What made it worse was that as well as the children obviously being slightly nervous and hence timid in their speech; the speakers were placed right at the front of the hall. Pointless really since the parents (and proud siblings!) were all seated at the back.

With regards to the teacher’s efforts, it simply was amazing. Edited videos and adverts featuring the children, pre-recorded acts in order to make their version of Britain’s Got Talent more realistic and a few cleverly thought out magic tricks involving the class twins.

What would have made it a better experience: fans! Or air-conditioning as by the end of the assembly, the parents were desperate to leave the cramped and stuffy conditions of the hall.

All in all, it was a great event and as we walked home with the ‘man boy of the hour’ chattering excitedly, I decided that it was worth missing out on lazily lounging around in order to attend the assembly.

Until Next Time

A Worried Student

8 thoughts on “Child’s Play

      • No really, it is! My brother and I are only a few years apart so we’re pretty busy with our own stuff…and he never came to any of mine. I’m in a play in the autumn term though…hmm
        But I guess with our tiny tot siblings, bro and I can make time for when their plays and stuff kick in 🙂

        A+ for being a good sport; it’s nice to hear how you enjoyed it! And good on you for nabbing the seats! Benches are..ah WHERE IS the back support?! XD


      • I’ll have to throw in some cake too probably…:)
        Ah yes, the current one and then the one on the way!

        Oh to go back to year six! I’d love to..ah school is progressively tougher i.e. AHH EXAMS AND STUFF. *high school=sigh*
        Gosh you’re so lucky to have done your A-Levels and all! I kid you not, earlier on I was looking at the edexcel specification for a level maths..wishing and wishing..:)


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