Today, the Prime Minister has made teachers in the UK happy. As we speak, they are probably celebrating with as much excitement as the Wizarding Community did when Voldermort was killed.

Why? Well today it was announced that the Minister of Education Michael Gove has been moved demoted/sacked/tactically shifted from his position to the Chief Whip of the Conservative party. This actually caught me by surprise as Gove has been quite radical in his reforms and so to remove him suggests that the Prime Minister has lost some faith in him.



Teachers over the UK have been at loggerheads with Gove ever since he began his reforms which were and are seen to be terribly misjudged by those in the teaching profession. However, like the people of the Wizarding World soon found out, there was not much to rejoice over upon the death of Voldermort by a small baby. As the election approaches, what this really is, is a move by the Prime Minister to avoid losing even more support from voters due to the unpopularity of Michael Gove.

It is as if he has done all the ‘damage’ he needed to do in the Educational department and now he has been moved for his own safety. Nevertheless, teachers will still be rejoicing upon the announcement given today as well as students who have had to suffer or will be suffering the changes he has brought in. Only time will tell whether the next Secretary of Education will be more effective or simply a puppet for continuing Gove’s madness.

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A Worried Student

10 thoughts on “Rearranging The Cabinet

  1. This doesn’t sort anything out though. Gove should of been removed ages ago and he has only been removed now as it make David Cameron look better then he actually is.


      • Hopefully they don’t win but to be honest after this move they still could.Although teachers will still complain who ever is next in that job because they won’t agree with some of it.The students need more help with their tuition fees teachers are just moaning because they want more money.


      • True the person who’s taken over will become the new enemy!
        Hmm yes but teachers are not complaining about money with regards to the secretary of education. What they disliked were the sweeping changes that they feel were just forced through without any research. The changes to the curriculum and number of exams. For example, Gove wanted A-level history to be focussed more on Britain’s past glory rather than things such as the atrocities committed in the colonisation of Africa.
        With regards to pay, teachers have actually taken a pay cut in real terms since inflation has been ahead of any rise, although the same could be said for any ‘public servant.’


  2. We are all on a pay cut to be honest i find them lucky to have a job and others have it worse.A lot of it is nonsense it just seems like his opinion v theirs no one is right but they feel the need to protest and argue.


    • True but I feel they still have a case when they protest. At the same time, many of their protests aren’t even about pay as many truly want what is best for students. Of course, whenever there is a protest, the only thing that is blared out is that these teachers just want more money!


      • Ahh i see that is all i heard it was about so i am wrong which i can admit.Also though teachers striking doesn’t help the students.It is a lose lose situation but hopefully education will be sorted out sooner rather than later.


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