Dear World, I Need Some Help

Dear World,

Everywhere I go, you tell me that money is not what life is all about. You keep on saying that there is more to life than earning countless amounts of wealth. You attempt to show me that my mind should not be worrying about paying for things and that I should live freely.

Yet, free is not really a plausible reality when the thing I want to do costs Β£9,000 a year. I can’t better myself or learn about new things or fulfill my potential when I need to conjure up nine thousand pounds. Why is it dear world, that when people proclaim that money is not the point of life, they normally are the ones with deep pockets? Why is it then, that those who claim to have no care for money, are the ones hoarding hundreds and millions of pounds? Why is it that those who promise to give their life savings away to charity, only do so upon their death when their money cannot be any use to them anyway?

Money. Money. Money. I am sick of this hypocritical world where I am told to remain happy with being unable to afford my university tuition fees and yet enticed by consumerism on the other.

Dear world, if money is no object, then why has nobody helped me pay for university? The world shouts encouragement but the undeniable and clear truth is that I need Β£9000 and there is very little that I can do about it.

Dear world, if money is no object, then why has the multi-millionaire owner of the tuition centre I work at, not given me a pay-rise? Why must I go through each day, wondering how on earth am I going to be able to study over the next three years?

Dear world, I don’t want money to be the purpose of my life but currently it is being forced upon me. I want to live freely, weightlessly and full of life but there is no enjoyment when the next bottle of drink I buy immediately makes me think of how much I have to save to pay for university and whether I will be able to or not.

Dear world, I need some help. I have planned my future. That is what you keep on telling teenagers like me to do right? Well my plan requires some financial assistance so please, help.

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A Worried Student

43 thoughts on “Dear World, I Need Some Help

  1. There is the need for money and the greed for money. I really object to tuition fees – I do not have children myself but I would happily pay more in tax to ensure free education and healthcare. Remember your struggle when you get older and never lose your conscience. I am sure you will get through because your writing shows you to be a resourceful, sensible and sensitive person. Good luck!


  2. You’re not alone. I ask that very same question every day. Why is it that the people who work for the same company I work for earn 80 grand a year just sitting around doing nothing when I’m only earning 20 grand and busting my asses off?


  3. Here in Australia out government keeps insinuating that students and young people are lazy and they use terrible catch phrases to convince people that young people don’t deserve financial assistance, it is very frustrating, especially in a county that can well afford it. But it’s true that nothing is free, not even freedom, it would be great if the system wasn’t so geared toward keeping rich people rich and using everybody else like proverbial toilet paper


  4. Being a full time student myself I can sympathize with you.
    My thoughts are , perhaps you have set your goal too high for this next academic year. Here in the States, we have junior colleges with half the cost of full university tuition and, if one plans it right, the credit will be transferrable on completion. Now I have no idea where you are but, if at all feasible, I would suggest you look all your options rather than set your sights on one target and not budge. There is a reason for everything, perhaps you can find the reason for your problem without having to ask for donations. On that note, I’m taking a chance saying this, but my experience has told me people do not readily donate to causes like yours.
    Do not let it get you down, you will succeed but maybe not today.


    • Hmm you words are true but in the UK, every university holds the cost of Β£9,000 a year. The only option would be to take a gap-year in order to earn enough money but quite frankly, I don’t want to waste a year in such a manner.
      Hopefully I find a way. I know it is going to be difficult but I must try.

      Thanks πŸ™‚

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  5. Whilst I appreciate the situation you are in, and as a student myself, I can 100% relate to the problem of money. Yet, personally, I feel like it is unfair for you to ask for donations to fund your tuition fees. Instead, why don’t you approach Muslim charities or ask for support from your local mosque who would be able to relate more to your current situation? Surely you would have a lot of savings too? One of my friends didn’t need to take out a loan as her parents had saved up throughout her life. Without a doubt I’m sure you’ll be able to find a lot more assistance from that, than asking strangers to donate Β£9000 to pay for you.

    Another option for you to do is to simply not go to university, as the means of getting there are not compatible with the laws Islam, and it is a choice you have made, or defer entry until a Takaful is accessible in the UK.

    I do understand that it is probably unlikely, but in this day and age, if you really want something, sometimes you have to do anything to get it.


    • Interesting.
      Firstly, asking for help is not unfair as people all over the world, Muslim or not, ask for donations to fund their tuition.
      Secondly, it is not forced, I am not knocking on people’s doors and guilt tripping them into handing over their cash. It is for those who read my story and feel like helping out.
      Thirdly, local mosques and charities sadly have not fully realised the situation Muslim university students are in. As for saving, yes I have my own but surely you cannot expect an 18 year old to have Β£9,000? That friend is extremely lucky but as for my parents, they had no idea that university will end up costing Β£27,000 by the time I am a student.

      Sure, there is more likelihood that family will help and I will of course ask them but then again, the people on here aren’t complete strangers either πŸ™‚

      Well, no. University is the route I have planned to take and yes, this donation page may not work out but then I will adopt other means such as asking for interest free loans from family and friends to cover the first year of fees. The rest, I will aim to fund myself. It is just that with a little bit of help, not even the full Β£9000, things would be much easier πŸ™‚


      • Fair enough! I didn’t mean to sound so abrupt! But glad you’ve taken what I’ve said into consideration!


      • In regard to your first point, I feel it depends on a person’s particular situation when it comes for asking for donations for their tuition fees. In your case it’s probably beneficial to ask other Muslims who would understand your situation a lot better and be able to empathise with you, than us fellow bloggers


  6. I really feel your pain. I have struggled with money issues for all of my 72 years. It seems to be the devil’s key to my heart. I have learned over time that it isn’t really lack of money that causes all the problems, it’s the love of money. God promises to tend to all of our earthly needs and I am living proof of that, but he doesn’t condemn wealth or earning money. He just doesn’t want us to take the focus off the One who provides it. Be confident that this too will pass. You are just starting your journey – don’t be discouraged.


  7. Money near enough decides what you can do and what you can’t.People who say money isn’t important are the people that are only kidding themselves because money gets you everything but family and friends and they can’t get you your Β£9000 tuition fees.University should be free like it is in Scotland i think. University should be free though as people who don’t have a rich background really don’t have a chance at university and that is what puts us off.


    • True. Scotland is a great example and nearly every student in the rest of the UK is wishing they are Scottish at the moment!
      Yes else the rich/poor divide is only going to grow.

      Thanks for dropping by πŸ™‚


  8. Money is not the cure to all that ails this world and the societies therein. In fact, money is nothing more than a now necessary evil. It cannot buy you happiness, but not having it can undoubtedly cause worry and depression. Humans have become Personal Instant Pleasure (PIP) subjects where we want and sometimes need “stuff” to be happy because that is what advertising agencies tell us.
    I grew up in a different era than yourself and saw the bad results from falling into the credit card traps and borrowing today for luxuries that are not necessary. I have avoided buying on credit (other than the mortgage on my home), and save to purchase what I want. I am fortunate that the military is paying for my education now for the decades that I put into the military.
    My advice to you would to borrow only what you need to get through university and live a modest life until you have your accounts in order. As your debt to income ratio decreases you can increase you luxury items and not be a Pippy in deep financial caca. Then when you reach my age you can live a good life without the financial worries while all the Pippies around you are still trying figure out how they got into such a mess.
    Good Fortune for Your Future.


    • Great advice!
      I certainly stare bewildered at people who take out loans for the most unnecessary items like cars and appliances. If you can’t afford it, then don’t add an extra burden upon yourself.
      For university, I plan to only borrow for the first year and thereafter through working and saving up student grants, I should hopefully be able to next Β£18,000 myself. Its a huge task but we shall see how it goes!

      Haha, Thank you πŸ˜€


      • No matter what, remain focused on the brass ring at the end of your education. It is difficult to do at times, but it can be done with perseverance. If an old man like me can take on three majors at once and still graduate in three years time, a young lad like yourself should be able to do it with ease!


  9. You are lucky to live in the UK that makes student debt extremely manageable and paying it back is tied to your income in addition to the fact that the welfare state is relatively generous. In the us for a decent state university 15000 would be a bargain though there are some that are cheaper and alternative paths. Instead of fixating on the need for money, why don’t you spend your time self reflecting on what it is you really want that money can and can’t buy?money is very important but it does not make up for poor health relationships lack of time to do things you love or living in a way that is contrary to your values. When you figure out how much money you need them calmly rtionally try to figure out aeans of getting it but realize that adaptability is the key to wealth-keep your mind open to possibilities and don’t be afraid to pivot. Also just realize that planning is great in the short time but much harder to do in the long run and what’s more human beings are terrible at predicting what will make them happy. God has a way of laughing at our plans but sends us something better if we have the eyes to see it. My close friend and I live in very similar apartments and honestly in many ways her lifestyle is much richer and carefree though she makes much much less money than I do and on a much less stable basis. There are pros and cons to everything in life. Start using your cognitive powers not to fret about the future nor find more efficient ways of running Round the hamster wheel. Figure out what you really want out of life -and that will probably take some time and mistakes to refine. Don’t take comfort in your plans or your bank account, take comfort in your abilities and have a little faith. Figure out a way to make money even if its opening up a lemonade stand and you’ll fins you have less to worry about πŸ˜‰


    • Yup the UK system whilst not perfect, is much easier than the US system. However, it is not as easy for me because as a Muslim, partaking in interest is forbidden and yes, many may ignore this but I don’t so I have to find another way to fund my fees.

      True. I have made a budget and it seems on track right now, the only hurdle is paying for the first year of university which will require taking loans from family and friends if no other grants or help is given.


    • Yup πŸ™‚ Because we are taught that Usury is immoral. The poor are forced to borrow money from the rich (in today’s world it would be the banks) in order to live but they are made to pay high rates of interest which are a burden.
      Secondly, we are taught to go out and work for our money. So making money from money (as you do when you lend someone money with interest) is forbidden. So we are taught to abstain from it completely which is why interest earned on money in bank accounts has to be given to charity.
      Its quite complex but this is what I know about it.


      • Very interesting. Working to pay for your education is always honorable and a lot less expensive than the interest-burdened bank loans. The book of Proverbs in the Bible also mentions many times that being lazy is not to be rewarded. Have you read the book of Proverbs in the book called the Bible? You can read it online, of course.


  10. Dear worried Student,
    dont give up – never. And definitely don’t give up your dream and aim to study. Even, if the problem is a financial one – one will always find a way. Even if it should mean – which I doubt – to find another path for your life. I am not so informed about the scholarship system in the UK, but I guess you have checked that already!
    I am from Germany. I had three jobs, while studying and that was quite tricky. I still don’t know how I managed, but I did. Studiyng in Germany is not that expensive compared to USA or UK, but still for some a burden – but I admint not that heavy. But I can understand you, totally.
    No matter what, don’t give up, hang on there – you will find a way. These things are a lesson and we have and will always find ourselves in such situations. It may sound like a clichΓ©, but you will emerge as a stronger person – I promise.
    And never forget to stay positive throughout your journey – never!


    • Thank you for your kind words of encouragement πŸ˜€
      I shall not give up my dream and I shall persevere! πŸ™‚ It is nice to hear of people who have been through the same difficulties as me yet have succeeded.


  11. You sound like this really is a dream for you, so I feel sure, that you will be able to attract what you need and in the right time.
    It can seems bad, but it is a possiblity to find a job for the next year and safe for your education next, but better than if you will need to give up your dreams.
    Education seems to cost very different in our world, but I think this have the roots in the taxes paid in our different countries.
    Many need to work in same time as studying but others take a years break for saving.
    If you are able to live together with your family in your University years, you can also save a lot for own appartment, food etc.
    Wish you very good luck πŸ™‚


    • Thanks, hopefully it shall all work out πŸ™‚
      There is the option of taking a gap year to save up but that is the ultimate last resort for me as I hope to get some help from friends and family.
      I should be working part-time throughout studying which would be essential when it comes to paying the fees!
      True, it is sad though that in the UK, students are suffering the cost of high fees due to the mistakes of those who were in government previously who let national debt simply pile up.
      I will be living at home as living on campus would just be impossible! Thank you πŸ˜€


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