So as you may know, I have taken a recent interest in Spray Paint Art. The thing with spray painting is that you need space. Not only in terms of the area around your work but also the actual medium that you work on. I tried it on A4 paper the first time but found it quite constraining so when I saw that my desk was nearing the end of its life, I thought this could be a great place to work on.

I have been waiting to try it out over the past few days after my new spray cans arrived in the post but the unpredictable weather meant it was only today, after it had already rained that I decided to give it a shot. After an hour and a bit, I came up with this:



Until Next Time,
(Or the next time I find a desk)

A Worried Student

40 thoughts on “Spray The Art!

  1. What kind of paper did you use to paint over?, because as far as I know spray painting is difficult in simple A4 sheet paper as you cannot get those kind of effects.


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