Where Did All These People Come From!

You wait so long for one and then a hundred come along at once!
I have used this exclamation to describe waiting for buses but today I am using it to describe something entirely different.

You see, last year at my local community centre, a trip to Turkey was being planned for teenagers. I was looking forward to it as the previous year, we had made similar plans only to be let down due to lack of funding. So as summer approached, I was feeling quite happy as the funding had been secured beforehand and the trip was going to cost us £200 per person. A true bargain which is what we students needed!

However, there were not enough people interested in the trip! As the dates drew closer, last ditch attempts were made to entice people but they weren’t successful. I was confused, why were they not jumping at the chance  of coming on a fun-filled trip for an astonishingly low price? So for the second year, the plan failed.

It was annoying, especially as our hopes had been so high only for them to be dashed to the concrete floor of London’s pavements. So when this year, a third attempt was made to plan the trip, I told myself that I will not celebrate until the flights are actually booked and confirmed.

We are planning to go in August but with only six people confirmed when we needed ten, it seemed to me that the plan was doomed. I told myself that there is no such thing as third time lucky.

Then today, I received a call from the youth group leader who told me we have a problem. This is it I thought. Instead, he tells me that we now have more people who want to come than we have spaces!

My immediate reaction was an incredulous laugh. Where were all these people before? Where were they last year?

It’s a funny world.

Until Next Time

A Worried Student

7 thoughts on “Where Did All These People Come From!

  1. YAY PEOPLE!!! Hope it all pans out nicely – and turkey, wow! We had a turkey trip for the classics students planned for the coming academic year (I’m a classics student so it would be possible for me to go) but oh, it’s such a shame because the school have decided to put it on hold for another year, as the costs for everything is practically unreasonable. Last year’s Greece trip was brilliant – and manageable – but this one wouldn’t be, so….:(
    Ah well.


  2. Wow! I can’t wait to see all your vacation photos. Turkey is really far away from where I live and has a rich history over a thousand years old. Enjoy!


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