Allow Me To Live

Half a human is what I am
As I lie in bed. Devoid
Of my blessed medicine.

Casually I had considered it
An annoying intruder,
Its bitter pills or sharp needles.

The constant vigilance.
An overpowering damper
On sparkling emotions

But whilst it ran me ragged
It was all keeping me alive
Allowing me freedom

Allowing me to revel
In the pulsating energy of life
But the pill box is empty today

And I want to feel life
Course through my fingertips,
Sweep through my hair.

Tomorrow when my stock is replenished,
I will thank God that I only had to suffer a day,
Instead of having to survive on tidbits of care that fell in my way.

8 thoughts on “Allow Me To Live

  1. Agreed, Mike, this is beautifully written. Our meds of today would have helped millions to survive what we now consider minor difficulties. Praise God for doctors and medical research. TAke your meds!


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