Adulthood: The Moment Your Mum Allows You To Paint The House

The other day, a contractor came over to my house to paint my bedroom ceiling which had suffered from a leak. As he painted, he joked that I can watch and learn so that next time I will be able to do the painting around the house.

No chance, I told him. Not because I don’t want to (we all initially find the idea of painting fun) but because everytime I would suggest I do the painting, I am met with a “No! You will mess up my carpets!” You probably have experienced the same thing when it comes to painting for the first time. Mothers are very protective over the furniture which is why when my dad (who also lacks ‘real painting experience’) says he will paint, then my mum looks on in fear.

However, yesterday that all changed. Since I am free from college, I put my foot down and declared I will paint my room but even then, I was cautioned not to paint near the newly installed bookshelves for if I got any paint on them, ‘I’d be dead’. Yes, death threats for furniture. Just shows how we choose wood over humans in today’s world.

So I began to paint, near the bookshelves too for I may aswell do the job properly. The fact that I did not get any paint on the beloved shelves is shown in the fact I am still alive today. Now however, there is another worrying development. As I told my parents about how the painting had gone well, they said: “good, now you can do all the other painting around the house whenever it is needed.”

How did that happen? Twelve hours ago they could not trust me to paint my room completely and now I am the resident painter?

What have I got myself into!

Until Next Time

A Worried Student

29 thoughts on “Adulthood: The Moment Your Mum Allows You To Paint The House

  1. I love painting, though since last summer I didn’t have a job so I got stuck refinishing my deck which is huge. Now I’m not so sure I like painting so much. At least if I do it I get to pick the colour.

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  2. Love it! Our sons painted the outside of our 2400 sq. foot house a couple of times over the 18 years we lived in it. It was a tiring job but they learned a lot. Yes, my husband taught them how to paint the inside of the house also. It’s all part of becoming a responsible adult. Welcome to the “dark side” of adulthood!


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