Watching Movies With Little People

My little brother is a ‘scaredy cat.’ That is the nicest way of saying it although I can’t really blame him since I was quite similar when I was little. So today with the house empty apart from us two, I decided to watch a movie. Yes, the mother did say make him do something useful but I was out of ideas and didn’t have the energy to persuade him to do something else.

The problem arises when it comes to deciding what movie to watch. Anything scary is out of bounds. I don’t mean horror movies but for him, any scary looking character constitutes a frightening film that will keep him awake at night. The other criteria is the movie has to be suitable for his eleven year old brain whilst also being interesting enough to keep me interested.

There are two ways you can go about this. One is to watch a movie that is a funny and great family movie such as cheaper by the dozen. Or, you could persuade the kid to watch a slightly more complex movie and explain the plot as you go along. Well, since I have watched most of the family movies that would interest me, I refused to put on ‘Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs’ and instead persuaded him that ‘Minority Report’ is a good option.

We were thirteen minutes or so into the movie when a freaky looking character came up and he began to whine about how he will not be able to sleep at night. So I had to switch it off for the parental units would certainly have lectured me had he not been able to sleep and since we share a room, it would be me he would wake up if he cannot  fall asleep tonight.

So in the end, it was back to YouTube clips but instead of him showing me weird clips of impressionists, I decided to give him a taste of good ol’ television by making him watch clips from the british sitcom ‘Only Fools And Horses.’ If you don’t know about this show and.are British then you should be ashamed! If you aren’t British, then go check it out! It was an old series which was on twenty-thirty years ago but extremely clever and funny.

Now it is bedtime, for him of course, not me! What have you done when you had to watch a movie with a child?

Until Next Time,

A Worried Student

22 thoughts on “Watching Movies With Little People

  1. I have this problem with my girlfriend! The only time she’ll agree to watch a scary film is through the day. I have to watch the really scary films on my own!

    Also both Minority Report and Only Fools and Horses are classics. Love Del-Boy!


  2. I was the younger one and my brother made me watch “commando” and “Predators” . The latter scared me so much I kept imagining something will grab my feet and would cover myself with a blanket to feel safe



    Oh and the minute I saw the words Only Fools and Horses…..dude,

    On the topic of old sitcoms…birds of a feather? Last of the summer wine? FAWLTY TOWERS?!!


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