The Endless Waiting Game

I don’t like to wait in anticipation for something good to happen. Whether it is a job application, work experience placement, scholarship or exam results. If I had failed or been rejected from any of these things, I would much rather have a clear cut no than a lukewarm maybe.

I applied to another tuition agency a few weeks ago and after being interviewed, the interviewer said I will be notified the next week whether I was successful BUT if I don’t hear from them, it may mean there are no vacancies in my area at the moment. Now, that sounds like being let down easily to me for how will a person know if he has actually been rejected? It can make your mind go crazy at times, as you wonder and hope that soon you will get a phone call telling you that you have the job.

Another thing I did was ask for work experience at a large firm. I received a reply saying my CV was being looked over and I will be told next week whether I have been called in for an interview. I never received a reply. I am pretty sure that we have all had that sense of awe when approaching large companies and we try our best to be professional but when they don’t even bother to reply, it feels hypocritical.

In general, nobody likes uncertainty or being kept in the dark. Exam results are slightly easier to handle as I know the exact date when they will arrive and so can banish most thoughts about it from my mind. It’s when I am told ‘yes, sometime in the near future, I will let you know’ that I feel a bit annoyed as most of the time, an answer is never really given.

I guess you could call me impatient but I would say I am just eager to move on to the next challenge. If as an employee I am meant to be reliable, then surely the employers themselves have to be a model example of this?

Until Next Time

A Worried Student

21 thoughts on “The Endless Waiting Game

  1. I feel your pain, and it happens again and again. All I can suggest is that you send them a follow up and ask them after a week or so (or however long they said it would be) people tend to need to be pestered – and they like being pestered! 🙂


  2. I know how you feel. I hate not knowing about things and being given the run-around. I much prefer a straight answer as opposed to playing the waiting game. But chin-up. Things will work out.


  3. Good luck! I definitely agree – I’d much rather be rejected than hold onto a small glimmer of hope only to be disappointed later! Sometimes ignorance isn’t bliss.


  4. The best we can do is move on and see what happens. Let the chips fall and always follow up if you don’t hear from them. Good luck.


  5. I totally understand what you’re saying! I have just waited for four days to hear back about renting a room in a house for my second year accommodation. In that four day wait they decided that they were going to rent the room out to a different person, without even having met me. Why couldn’t they just tell me the second I enquired about it that a nineteen year old wasn’t going to get it, then I wouldn’t have wasted my efforts. Now I have just 8 days to find somewhere.


  6. You know, I can totally relate to this: those instances like what you’ve said and the bigger things in life. It can be really frustrating at times. We all just want clear answers sometimes so we could know if it’s time to move on.

    But you know, at my current job, I remember them telling me that they will call or message me in one to two weeks. If there’s no reply then “the end”. Two weeks have passed and there was no call or message so I was ready to move on and look for another job opportunity. After two days, they messaged me and now, it’s been more than two years that I’ve been working in this company. LOL!

    Sometimes, you just can’t tell where everything is headed. 😀

    Wishing you all the best!


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