Joining You People!

I think there will not be many people who read: ‘FREEDOM! Exams Are Finally Over’ who give me an evil envious glance. Not only because you Word Press mates are very kind and loving but also because I am probably one of the last students on Word Press to have a post declaring the content blissful feeling of finishing my exams. If however, you haven’t finished your exams or as an adult there is no real summer freedom for you to embrace (then tough! I kid!) then I sincerely apologise. Truly, for I know that feeling since I have been reading about people celebrating the start of their summer for over two months whilst I sat gloomily looking at the revision that lay ahead of me.

However, it is all over! Just in time too, for the World Cup has started, the weather is becoming incredibly hot and oh yes, I have a couple art requests and I have a few awards posts to do for which I apologise to the kind people who have nominated me for taking a while to get them done.

Last night, a friend’s BBQ happened to fall on the day I took my last exam which was quite nice. Made even more exciting by the fact Spain were thrashed by Netherlands. This month will be the only one in which I mention football so if you aren’t a fan, then don’t worry.

It is a great feeling to be able to wake up late on a Saturday morning and have no pressure to revise. Until of course your mum wakes you up with the call “come on there’s a lot to clean up, especially your room!”

So that is what I have to do, and something Word Press need to do is fix the app as it does not let me like people’s posts when I visit their site! When I click like, it takes me to a blank page. Weird technology.

That was quite a rambling post but I am allowed one odd ramble after the scribbled essays in my exams right?

Until Next Time

A Worried Student

21 thoughts on “Joining You People!

  1. Thrashed indeed! I literally jumped every time the ball touched the Spaniard goal. 🙂
    In India, due to the time difference, the match is aired at around one in the night. So, today at school it seemed as if I had a hangover and everyone stared at me as if I was a hippie! 😛
    Even worse my exams are starting next week… Would have to miss half the World Cup… 😥
    Feeling jealous and disheartened at the same time… 😦
    BTW enjoy your days of freedom! 😀


  2. I remember the freedom when finals were finished. By the way, your teachers are experiencing the same “freedom.” Just sayin…LOL


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