A Step In The Right Direction

The UK government has released a list of employers who have been found to pay their staff below the minimum wage. Whilst you are aware of my reservations about the minimum wage, this looks like a positive step forward by the government. However, a few things would make it even better.

The first is that some businesses have not been named. Interestingly, these are the ones with the biggest fines (£167,000) which gives the impression that their status has brought them silence. Additionally, a football club was also found to underpay their staff (not the football players of course) which would suggest to people that money still buys silence, even from the government. In response the government said “HMRC dealt with these cases through the civil route, so our rules on taxpayer confidentiality apply.” I would like to know what is the difference between these routes and why does confidentiality have to apply to them and not to the other businesses?

The second thing is that although the companies are being rightly fined, perhaps some of the fine should be given to those underpaid workers. Currently, they are reimbursed for their lost earnings but perhaps they should receive some additional compensation as they are the true victims of the crime, not the government.

In all honesty, whilst this is a good policy of the government to name and shame companies, they still need to raise the minimum wage thresholds further, especially for 16-20 year-olds. 

These are my opinions. Do you agree or disagree?

Until Next Time,

A Worried Student


14 thoughts on “A Step In The Right Direction

  1. Hmm! VERY interesting post. Naturally, I’ve a question to ask you. 🙂
    Perhaps the process of naming and shaming might not be the way to go about it. As you said, money can also buy silence, meaning not all companies have been cast under the public eye. This can be rather..unnerving for those corporations. Therefore, perhaps with private attention, companies would in effect, pay back their debts – distribution is another topic, but yes, I see why you’d say those underpaid should be given compensation.
    Although, looking at it from a separate point of view, a main issue with this would be that without public scrutiny, they might not get a move on with the whole thing..

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