What Am I Talking About?

Where one may have made you tear, it may have bored another to death.

Where one may have appeared tremendously exciting, it may have frightened away a person’s sleep.

Where one may have thrilled you to your core, it may have dulled another’s life.

Where one may have made you laugh gloriously, another may have thrown it down in disgust.

Where one may have inspired you to take up a new venture, it may have caused another to remain in the safety of their home.

Where one may have taught you essential life lessons, it may have befuddled another.

Where one may have provided a glimpse of other astounding lives and worlds, it may have convinced another that their own world and life is far better.

Where one may haveย been dismissed by you before it hit the floor, it may have caused another to ponder over it for weeks on end.

These things my friends, are books. Such are they, diamonds hiding in plain sight. ย 

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