You may or may not have heard of this game, it always is hard to judge the popularity of something on the Play store as even if the statistics say ten million people have downloaded it, it does not mean every person has heard of it. Except if it is Flappy Birds of course, everyone has heard of that game, right?


It draws you in and does not let you go!

The aim of the game is to tap the black tiles as they move down the screen without missing a single one or touching the white tiles.

The reason why this game has become so successful is because of its ability to appear easy and then prove to be quite challenging. Sometimes I like playing these games purely because I beat my brothers’ scores. When I did not posses a smart phone, my eldest brother would not even let me play games on his phone as he feared I would beat his score! I think however, these past two years of very low gaming has made my mind a bit rusty so I need to sharpen it up before I can definitely keep the gaming crown in my house.

One thing I find funny about games on the mobile are that even grown adults intently play them! I do not mean young adults in their 20s or 30s but you will see even elder people on the train or on the bus playing games. I find this quite amazing. A while ago, we did try to encourage my dad to play some games (so he wouldn’t give us as much grief for playing them ourselves) but after a brief period, he went back to normal. Unless of course, he plays them secretly when we are not watching.

Anyway, back to the game! Oh wait, I mean my politics revision…

18 thoughts on “Games!

  1. my parents play games like that all the time…but then again I’ve caught my dad watching little kid cartoons by himself. My parents are just young at heart I guess.


  2. hahha! games = competition = rewards = fun_times_for_humans! Get that high score!! I know what you mean, my mom recently started playing some games again, she is 63 – she likes Farmville off of the apple app store, and some sort of gaalxycrush? tetris’y type game on the iPad. Games are so fun! Games in speech, and conversation, and in life. and in literal, general ambassadors Games: chess, monopoly, checkers, cards, Sim City Xbox, PSP……….;D


  3. “I do not mean young adults in their 20s or 30s but you will see even elder people on the train or on the bus playing games” – you cheeky young whippersnapper! I’m only (nearly) 40 and have been playing dumbass computer games since before you were born :-p


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