Obvious Sign!

If you see people walking around with these types of weird non-labelled bottles, then don’t think they are launching some anti-capitalist, anti-advertising campaign for they have just come out of an exam.

It always strikes me as a bit of an odd rule as I have yet to meet a student who was sneaky enough to try and cheat through his bottle. The funny thing is we are allowed drinks so what if someone had written notes, placed them in a plastic bag and sunk it in their Lucozade? (Don’t get any ideas !)

So if you spot anyone walking home with a bottle looking like this, you may want to give them a hug, especially if they are looking a bit shell-shocked. Although giving them a hug may cause them to faint. We students aren’t used to such kindness from strangers.

Until Next Time,

A Worried Student

47 thoughts on “Spotting Post-Exam Students

  1. Brilliant post – made me chuckle quite a bit seeing as my brother came home looking completely lost and I was all “?” And he proceeded to lecture me on the many different types of forbidden plastic bottles.
    Although he did say how they’re ultra fussy when it comes to the bottle caps.
    Strange strange policies…strange!
    GAH..he’s been raiding the house for black pens too -_- my pencil case is hollow now…
    Oh and I hope exams are going well for you – yes?!!! 😀


    • Thank you 😀
      Haha! It is funny and quite ridiculous about how picky they are! Very strange.
      Aah you see, you have not managed to persuade him to use a fountain pen.
      Well had one today, went okay. Onwards to tomorrow’s English one!


      • Ah he’s always been a biro boy since the beginning of secondary school – claiming it to be down to the fact that he always loses ink cartridges!
        I still always write in fountain pen though 😀

        Good luck with English tomorrow! 🙂



        Oooooh so we’re talking pen brands now! I’ve got a history with pens. Well. I used to have a Parker. Then I grew fed up of the cartridges, but then I re-liked them again. And then I broke the lid off of my Parker so I was all boo hoo and then started using a berol handwriting pen – YES! And it was wonderful. Smooth ink….ah! But then it got lost 😦
        I never invested in lamys. They looked pretty expensive and it’s quite a chunky pen. The latter wasn’t such a problem, but I never really was interested in them.

        Now I actually use a simple fountain pen. But it’s wonderful – I shall photograph the specimen one day – but it’s not much to be excited of. The polka dot spots have practically faded away.


        And your pen preference?! 😀


      • Oh wow a Berol handwriting pen! I think I used one, for an hour or so and then never again. I was young so thought they would actually make my handwriting better so when it didn’t, I felt betrayed!

        Haha wow polka dots and all!

        Well I use both, Parkers and Lamys. I like to boast to my students who normally say “ooo cool pen” that my Parker pen is older than them since it belonged to my mum.
        My uncle was raving about a Lamy pen a few months ago so I decided to buy one. Though I think he was probably talking about a far more expensive one than mine since I can’t imagine him using such a plasticky looking thing! But it is awesome! Very smooth and beautiful. For some reason, blue ink tends to run smoother in both pens but I can’t use blue ink during exam season!

        And that my friend, is an extremely detailed description of my approach to pens!


      • AHAHAHAHAHAH! I’ve never heard such a reason for not using said pen! Handwriting..mine ballooned into one big gigantic scrawl when I was about ten, then it thankfully shrunk to average size. Well. It’s still a bit big..(I was writing something today and my friend peered over and pointed at my book, squeaking “FIVE. YOU FIT FIVE WORDS ON LINED A4?”)
        Ah betrayal…*brings forth violin and Kleenex for the worried student*

        Eh. Faded polka dots. It’s not very pretty, but I still love the pen.

        Both! WHOA!!!!!! *mind blown at this possibilty*
        Ooh cool pen!

        Ah yes, blue ink! But my pen went through a phase – I kid you not on this one – where the ink flowed TEAL GREEN. My work looked ridiculous. Utterly ridiculous. It’s like writing an essay (on the Cold War perhaps) in purple sparkly gel pen. NOBODY DOES THAT!

        Excellent approach; twas genuinely cool to read!


      • Don’t get me started on my handwriting! Just use the excuse that our brains work faster than our hands as we are oh so intelligent 😉
        Shhhh! *Thankfully and quietly takes tissue*

        Haha yes, I have yet to decide which pen I like more.
        Oh wow very…yes, ridiculous. No other word I’m afraid!


        Brains work faster eh? I’ll be using that one from now one *cough cough*
        *heres some beethoven*
        Your welcome.

        Lamy vs Parker…that’s a toughie!


      • No but the problem is that we HAVE the potential for neat handwriting

        But then our brains get in the way….*sighs into pillow*


        SO HOW DO WE COMBAT THIS?!!!!!!

        (I’m actually laughing right now, just to say)


      • *chuckles*

        And now I shall retreat to my maths haven – I’ve the re-sit tomorrow and GAH, I can’t remember any formulae *sigh*
        I’ll just carry around a sheet throughout the morning and look at it whenever I can.


  2. I’m sure glad we didn’t have that rule when I took my exams at college…heck me and my buddy left to go get Taco Bell because we were so hungry and it was 9pm. Haha. Good times. I’m not sure what my new college’s rule is about exam but I’ll see this fall!


  3. We have this as well except that our school has started supplying us with bottles that they buy, like normal ones with labels on, so clearly they aren’t allowed UNLESS the school decides that they don’t mind having them haha


  4. I was forced to take the label off my water bottle today…in an open book exam!! I felt that that if I had wanted to write my notes on the label instead of in my perfectly neat folder then I was entitled to. The invigilators sadly did not agree!


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