The Book Vs Film Contest

Wow. This book is amazing, they need to make a movie out of it!

Err no. What they need to do is promote the book in the same way they would promote the movie and get more people reading!

I am not against movies being made out of books but usually when that happens, the books are sidelined and dismissed so instead of people having to read, they can access the story through the movie. For sure, the authors benefit greatly when their books are turned into movies but I am talking about the value of reading here.

Why is it that books have to be turned into movies to appeal to the wider world? People should be encouraged to read, not distracted from it as if it is a chore.

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A Worried Student

43 thoughts on “The Book Vs Film Contest

  1. I subbed an elementary art class last friday – 1st through fifth graders paraded in throughout the school day. I first told the kiddies a story about when my grandfather was a boy and his TV was radio. He used his own mind to picture all the wonderful things he was hearing. Next I explained to them 2D and 3D shapes. I explained to them a loose version of ‘surrealism.’ Then I got their attention by whispering. I asked them to use something they probably haven’t ‘used’ in a long time – their brilliant imaginations. I asked them to have fun and draw a surreal landscape. They had a wonderful time letting their hands pull color their imaginations were thinking…
    Many books shouldn’t be made into movies – cheap shots are taken most often when money is the incentive. There have been some exceptions, of course – directors when they behave like the artists they are – can work magic…


    • Amazing, I love it when I see or hear about children embracing their imaginations.

      True, some movies do it right whilst others fail spectacularly. Sometimes however, when movies fail to live up to your imagination, you just feel empty. For example, the Voldermort vs Harry scene in the last Harry Potter movie was such an anti-climax in the movie but was stunning in the book and in my head.


  2. It depends. Fight Club is one of my favorite novels and a great movie. Milagro Bean Field War too. Unfortunately, I don’t think either created a huge movement to read those books.
    Some book movies are fun and well done (even if they aren’t perfectly true to the text) like The Lord of the Rings trilogy. Their benefit was that people of all ages picked them up and read them.
    I do get your sentiment, reading for entertainment isn’t valued enough. It’s sad.


      • Yes. I picked up “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep” because I know one of my favorite movies (Blade Runner) is based on it. I find the book a horrible read.
        I do know a lot of people say “Oh, this is based on a book?” and then buy the book assuming it’s always better than the movie.
        I love good movies. I prefer books though! So if a movie from a book is good, I will read it (as long as the movie is interesting enough to me).


      • Aah that’s interesting and annoying that the book failed to live up to your expectation.

        I’m the same! I watch alot of movies but find books usually are better although I wouldn’t read a book after watching a movie as I would find the lack of suspense too boring. The reason why I absolutely hate spoilers!


  3. It may be that people haven’t been trained to love reading. They find it much easier to have someone “show” them what happened. Too bad! Our imaginations are the beginning of creativity. I don’t have as much time to read as I used to and I really miss sitting down with a good book.


  4. Good point! I definitely see where you’re coming from here..but oh, there can be an almost “reverse” effect. For example, as the hunger games hype was in the process of cementing its fascination in my school, I saw how many more people actually were beginning to notice the book and want to pick it up and read it.
    Alas, from a personal perspective here, I still haven’t read the book….ehh I’ll stick to romance novels.


      • AHHH I’ve wanted to read her books for so long!
        Must make time for it. This will sound bad, but the last time I read a fictional story was…was…I don’t even know.
        (It’s been all about textbooks, for me.)
        Hmm. Plus, educational books seem more exciting sometimes. I’ve an unhealthy balance; but I’ll work on it.


      • Well hurry up and do so! πŸ™‚ But be prepared for an intense and emotional read.
        Haha that always happens when we get lost in studying like the good students we are πŸ˜‰ I’ve also become determined to make time to read more so good luck to us both!


      • An intense and emotional read: BRING IT ON! I can handle it. I truly can! I’ve made my way through errrr….well Jane eyre wasn’t too much for me. It was brilliant. But then there’s pride and prejudice..and sense and sensibility *peers over at booskhelf*
        Hmm. Well on my table right now all I have is a book on digestion.

        And good luck to you too. Hope all goes well- what type of books do you like?

        HAHAHAH good students…! πŸ™‚


      • Haha great! These are more complex which hmm your secret philosophical side will enjoy πŸ˜›

        Oh I never know how to answer that question properly in a few words. Hmm well any book that contains a great story, suspense, drama or great characters. Any sort of genre really although I tend to favour action and crime.


      • Ah the sneaky secretive side to my persona…:D

        Hmm! That’s cool – were you an Alex rider fan by any chance? Darren Shan? Cherub?!


      • Although you still haven’t told me why it is secretive! πŸ˜›

        Alex Rider- Tick!
        Cherub-Tick! Although I knew these books were not so good in terms of written English but the plot was great!


      • (Stormbreaker and snakehead – YES YES YES. And ah, loved the cherub series. I have all of them. Although yes, I do agree with your comment!)

        Ah all will be revealed in good time LITTLE BOY.
        Hehehe sorry had to put that on the end- I just read your memories post AWWWWWWWWWWWW!! I was trying to think of a memory I have..but ooh that’s a tough question.

        Eh. I do think my philosophical tendencies aren’t as exciting as I feel they could be!


      • Haha yes awesome books πŸ˜€ Have you read the Power Of Five Series?

        You better watch out, you’ll get no cake and I still have that knife πŸ˜› I’ll counter that with: your childhood memories are still being created…


      • I shall google this series now!

        No cake! Meanie!!!!! πŸ˜€
        Fair enough – and true. But then, do you feel that your childhood memories can’t still be created. I know you’re 18 and (a big kid now?) everything is becoming more surreal and there’s finance and all that stuff to deal with, but can you still make those memories – or do they count as “grown up” ones?


      • And Skulduggery Pleasant, awesome series! πŸ˜€

        Hehe well hmm childhood memories mean those created in Primary School and whatever happened after that feels like a later stage of my childhood. So right now would just be my teenage memories I guess.


      • Childhood vs teenage. Hmm..even though the latter may conventionally be “less innocent” I’d readily challenge that. Not everything needs a layer of varnish; moments can streak beauty on their own.

        But teenage moments. They’re brilliant. πŸ˜€


  5. It’s more of a double-edged sword. I can think of many movies that had prompted me to the read the books they were based on. More recently, The Game of thrones. Of course, the books are always superior. When I read a book, I feel like I have watched the movie. ( Even though it is all in my head) And when the movie actually comes out, my reality is shattered. The books empower you while the movies limit your imagination. And yet, I believe that the movies cause no real harm for the not-so-much-of-a-book-lover clan because it is always better for a story to be put out there, one way or the other.


    • I definitely have felt the ‘reality is shattered’ feeling!
      True but perhaps with the increased emphasis on books being turned into movies, there is a sense that books have merely become a stepping stone to the movie rather than the end result and new book lovers are not being created.


  6. Well I run a movie blog and i agree with you. Books need to get a harder push by their publishers. I suppose its hard to promote books in the same way. With films you can release a trailer or have a big star. Also it can be hugely beneficial for an author to have their book made into a film as it encourages more people to read it


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