After A Waiting Of A Year, They Are Finally Here

For a couple of months now, I’ve been reading posts on Word Press declaring joyously how people have finished their yearly exams or graduated and are looking forward to enjoying their summer of fun, craziness and free-time. My reaction was obviously to glare at the screen whilst contemplating the fact I would only be free by the middle of June.Β 

So dear folks who have already had countless days out to the park or the beach as you dance freely on the sand with an ice cream cone in your hand, I shall be joining you people soon! Well actually let me be realistic, I live in London so going to the beach is not even a remote possibility unless you’re a young kid and can enjoy a sandpit in your garden. Funny how everything seems far larger when you are a child. Instead, I shall perhaps go on long bike rides if I do finally decide to buy a new bike. Then there are the hours of guilt-free reading, blogging and movie watching to do. It will be truly blissful to be ridΒ of the nagging feeling that I ought to be revising.

There is one negative side-effect though which I can see approaching. The tidal wave of jobs and chores to do around the house which were cast aside during revision weeks shallΒ fall upon me. My mum has already started eagerly stating such things like “Oh after your exams you can help me do this.” I am considering telling her that I forgot about an exam that I have at the end of July which is intensely difficult and requires a lot more revision. Great idea right?

Until Next Time

A Worried Student



26 thoughts on “After A Waiting Of A Year, They Are Finally Here

    • Haha true but at the same time I know that there is not much else to revise. As the revision period was so long, I completed most of my work quite early on and so just need the exams to come! Its like the feeling you get when you keep on thinking you’ve forgotten to do something important but you know you have.
      Thanks and you too πŸ™‚


  1. Keep on seeing posts/tweets/statuses/emails/letters/morse about people finishing exams, and I’m on my gap yaaaar. Terrifies me for what the next 3 years have in store for me πŸ˜₯ Got a feeling that I should be concerned about the mass amount of debt I’ll be in and the risk of unemployment too. Wahhh why did I do this to myself.


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