Some of the best memories were made in the early years of education. When going to school was not about passing exams or tests but actually developing your own self. Here are a few of mine.

  1. I once brought a knife to school. A sharp one but before you think this person was a crazy child, let me explain! It was the end of year 5 so I was 10 and I had finally got my mum to buy a football themed cake for school. My teacher had promised a class party and so I took the cake to school. When the time came to eat it, I went up to the teacher and said here, I’ve brought in this cake to which she said “oh how lovely, but we will need a knife to cut it.” I casually reached inside the box and pulled out the knife I had helpfully brought along. Poor teacher, she must have had a shock. To make it worse, it was not my regular teacher as she was ill that day!
  2. Playing ‘It’ or ‘Tag’ or ‘Sticky Toffee’ or ‘Stick In The Mud.’ These were truly awesome playground games for that 20 minute break or lunch hour, my friends and I would become engrossed in a game which became a war where sneaky tactics had to be employed and friendships were tested. Was I willing to run close to the ‘catchers’ in order to free my friend? Or should I get someone else to act as a distraction first? Front-line decisions were made on that arena of concrete. Great times.
  3. Once, there were really strong winds (In England they are rare so are a big deal) and a tree was extremely slanted so we had to cut our break short. We kept on sneaking peeks from the classroom window despite our teacher telling us to get on with our work and when the tree suddenly fell, a group of us literally ran out of the class to tell the head teacher next door!
  4. I was once told to stand by the wall during playtime for doing something bad that I can’t remember. Probably fighting with a friend. Anyway, the teacher told me to stand by the wall for 5 minutes and after a period of time had lapsed which I judged to be 5 minutes, I went up to her and asked if I could be set free. She did not take my question kindly and a letter was sent home!
  5. Writing. Even back then, I loved to write. I had an intense rivalry with a girl (well she was more competitive to be honest) and once when we were discussing how to write a letter, I kept on giving the answers so my teacher asked if I had done this before. The girl butted in and claimed I had learnt it from my older brother, a shocking lie that I vehemently protested against. I have to say, I did feel proud that day but I was only eleven so I was allowed to feel proud right?
  6. Somehow knowing more about the computers than the teachers. I once ‘fixed’ a problem for teacher and he rewarded me with a mini football. The next time he asked me, I lingered for another free football but sadly none was given,
  7. The trips to London Zoo. I think I visited it more times in three years than my family have in their whole lives. Perhaps that explains the affection I have for animals? Go Bio-centrism! I jest I jest.
  8. When smart-boards were first installed in the class, they were seen as the most amazing invention ever. However, we quickly realised they weren’t as our teachers had not really been trained to use them. When one was first installed in our class, my friend excitedly walked over to it and ran his finger along the white surface. Cue a great lecture from my teacher!

Those were a few events from the life of a funny little child living in England who has now obviously and clearly matured 😉

What are your fondest memories of your childhood education?



8 thoughts on “Memories

  1. I was right with you until you mentioned smart boards. Now you just made me feel old (I turned 27 last week…). In MY day (yes, I just said it, the marker of being a fuddy duddy), we had whiteboards. Until secondary school, we had one computer for the whole class, and then at secondary still had to share in pairs until Year 10. At primary, I remember it being a HUGE deal that it was ‘our turn’ to have the RoboTurtle, on loan for a week from the local authority. This amazing piece of technology that was like those Robo Vacuum cleaners, and you had to program in “10cm forward. Then, 30cm left. Then, 10cm forward”. We thought it was the mutt’s nuts. (Or the turtle’s…kaburtles???).
    Printers were still on those cartridges and printer paper was all linked with the dotted perforated holes on the sides, and I remember using MS DOS with green writing on black as our main OS.
    All this, and only (only!) 15-20 years ago. Technology blows my mind.
    Great post, I enjoyed reading it – thank you!


    • Haha 😀 Well it is remarkable how technology has advanced and become the norm.
      Haha well in Primary we only used the computer room for Paint whilst my little brother is learning basic programming now which I am quite envious of.
      Err I have never seen a RoboTurtle (Sorry maybe they were extinct by the time I reached school? Hehe!)
      Oh wow MS DOS, again, never used that. It was Windows 98 for me!

      Certainly, it is amazing.

      Well thank you for your lovely comment! 😀


  2. Oh man, I believe all my greatest memories were those of me in second grade, playing with clay or anything messy in Art class. Art class was my favorite class, mostly because of my teacher Mrs. Moctazuma. This one day we were supposed to paint something, I forget what it was, and I made a “mistake”. When she came over to check on me, she saw my frustration and simply grabbed a paintbrush and painted something lovely attached to whatever I painted. She taught me that there were never mistakes in art… at that moment I fell deeper in love with art, and Mrs. Moctazuma ~


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