Explaining The Balance

“My blog is called A Worried Student, don’t worry it is not as depressing as it sounds.”

This is how I usually introduce people to my blog. The word ‘Worried’ does tend to get misinterpreted as it may seem like I am constantly worrying about the pressures of life as a student. However, there are different types of worries. 

First and foremost, I can freely admit that my worries are nothing compared to what others have to worry about on a daily basis. People around the world are struggling to survive in war-torn countries whilst I sit typing this on my extremely comfortable bed. This creates the dilemma, why are my worries even worth talking about? It all depends on the context of where you live I guess.

In the UK, there is a certain standard of living which means that those who live there but are living below that standard, have a right to complain. Then on a wider context, those people who are seen as wealthy in another country which has lower standards of living have the right to complain about the inequalities that they see internationally. The problem with the idea of standards of living is simply that the world cannot be unified on a set standard purely because economically, the world is like a mountain range. Soaring mountains next to deep, wide valleys. 

So while I discuss my worries, this does not mean I believe they are more important than those of the starving orphans in Syria or the trapped, oppressed civilians of Palestine. They are merely the worries I face living as a student in England and so they are important in terms of the fact they matter to every student around the world and anyone else interested in education or life in general. 

On the other side of the spectrum, worrying and writing about my worries is not all I do! I live, I laugh, I smile and I try to enjoy life.

I hope you see this through the various topics I write about so as you read this, don’t imagine a moping student but imagine a (cool) smiling one who despite having his worries, has much to be happy about. 

Until Next Time

A Worried -Yet Happy- Student


8 thoughts on “Explaining The Balance

  1. 🙂
    Good post, worried – yet happy – student!

    It’s always nice to hear you blog about both educational topics, and also the other sections of your life, for example that awesome rainbow thing! 😀


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