Versatile Blogger Award!

Versatile Blogger! Well well, thank you so much Ronovan for awarding me this accolade! A great blogger so go check his blog out. versatilebloggeraward

The reason why I tend to talk about a variety of topics rather than only focus on issues directly related to students is because well, students are a great bunch of people and we don’t just walk around the world harping about our own troubles without a care for anything else. This does not mean that our problems are small and unworthy of attention as we all know that in recent years, the world has become incredibly difficult for students as the lack of job prospects and the crazy cost of education is almost unfathomable and so we tend to ignore it. Brushing the worries off by saying oh don’t worry, you can take a loan out and you will be fine. Silly, of course.

So with this award kindly given to me by Ronovon, I have to give eleven facts about myself which is going to be hard to do without repeating myself from earlier posts!

  1.  I am an 18 year-old boy. Yes a boy, a male. So that clears it up for those who were wondering. Although if you thought I was a female, I wouldn’t find it offensive of course as I’d just laugh and smile at this proof of how writing can really break down stereotypes. (If you have no idea about what I am on about then check my earlier post.)
  2.  I like the colour blue, suits me rather well I must say.
  3.  I like pens. Pens and any other sort of art items. (Despite not being an artist) So yes, if you have any lying around, send them my way.
  4.  I cannot write with a brio. It is tiresome. No I am not a snob, I simply need a smooth roller-ball! Especially after writing with a fountain pen the past eight months. Now when I pick up a biro, I just stare at it weirdly.
  5. Interestingly, the same person who wrote Jungle Book (Rudyard Kipling) also wrote the quite racist poem White Man’s Burden. What? Oh sorry it’s meant to be a fact about me? Well I learnt this whilst studying British Colonisation this year so yes, it is about me now, job done!
  6. I have now just passed the half-way mark to eleven facts.
  7. I like cycling but need a new bike.
  8. I’ve crashed my bike twice.
  9. I love noodles.
  10. I like to write and this blogging venture has revitalised this spirit inside me.
  11. My blog has awesome readers and followers, seriously.

So now this award shall be passed on to the following amazing versatile bloggers:


The rules are:

1. Display the badge on your blog, this one was created by Ronovan.
2. Write a post and link back to the blogger who nominated you.
3. Nominate further bloggers 
4. State 7 interesting things about yourself. (Yes seven! Whilst writing this post I was thinking eleven! Oh well.)

Until Next Time

A Worried Student




70 thoughts on “Versatile Blogger Award!

  1. *sends virtual fountain pen*
    I KNEW U WERE A BOY!!!!! ….
    I don’t know know what to say now. Erm…*awkward pause* YAY YOU! (Better!)
    And great list! Noodles *hmmmm* 😀


      • Heheehe!!! *grins whilst receiving aforementioned cookies*
        Well done, too! 🙂

        Oh and nooooooooodles….nooooooooooodle! Such a cute little word. BOOM. It’s official. Noodles are cute! 🙂


      • Hahaha a lot of things are cute to me!
        Like set squares, and mittens and pocket watches and Djokovic! I could go on.
        Well. Hmm now this is interesting. Tell me at least three things which you consider to be cute! 😀


      • Haha okay but aren’t pocket watches meant to be classy? So classy and cute?
        Hmm well first you have to clarify what you mean by cute as I am sure you don’t mean the same cute to mittens that you apply to Djokovic, right? 😛


      • Ahahahahhah!!!! *wipes away tear of laughter*
        Especially at the last part.
        Hmm. Wow! I’ve never actually take this into consideration – shocker, eh? Yeah I’m just as shocked as you are now! 🙂
        Ooooooh errrrrr oooooo. I don’t like like him. *hehehe* But I think he’s cute as in high five cute. Like wrist watches – although classy – are high five cute too.
        Yes I’m weird. I KNOW. But like, I wouldn’t be all “that puppy is cute,” even if it is. Like, dogs are cool. But then if there’s some nice socks I’ll be all “ah they so CUTE!”

        I’ll let you take the question on board…three things, it’s all I ask for! 🙂


      • That really does not do much to help clear up my question except give me more to chuckle at! 😀
        I mean, high five cute? What does that mean! 😛 Wouldn’t that just be cool?

        Okay hmm let me think. Number one, babies! My cousin came round the other day with her oh so cute baby son and he kept on putting my cars down his top 😀
        2: Hmm what else? I am actually struggling to think. You can tell I don’t use the word cute much. Can’t I just list two other babies? 😛


      • high five cute…ooooh I think all this time I just use cute instead of cool.
        I alternate. Ah no, I’m one confusing little blob.
        BABIES!! AH I LOVE THEM SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!! 😀
        Good to hear that you like them! My brother likes them also (when our little sister came along he was secretly brilliant) and ooh, I’ve got another little sibling on the way, so
        YAY BABIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        No. You must think of two COOL things. There, I’ve made the question easier! 🙂
        (And no, I shan’t accept bikes or pens)

        (I’m so horrid! MWAHAHAHA)


      • Haha yup and he kept on giggling 😀

        Yes I think you have been misuing the word cute Zee 😛
        Ahah well that does make it easier!
        Motorbikes. What? Completely different from bikes!
        2: Leather jackets, watches, old buildings, antiques.


      • AWWWW (babies make me melt I LOVE THEM ALL!) ❤
        "Good baby!" I like saying that too!

        Yes. The Zee-Brain always has, I guess. But she probably always will for the sake of amusement. 🙂
        Motorbikes, AWESOME! A worried student cruising to UNI, one day on a Harley, donning a crisp, new leather jacket whilst passing Tesco, some samosa shop and some old building. On his way, he stops by an antique auction house and bids for a classy, timeless pocket watch. From there, he rides on off to uni, history politic-y books bouncing up and down along the way. (Eh, lots of speed bumps and potholes?)

        (PS, I love antiques! I watch the roadshow too. Ooooh and a big of flog it/bargain hunt never goes amiss!)


      • Haha 😀

        Good plan 🙂
        Haha!!! 😀 Wow! You imagine me to be a much cooler person than I actually am, that’s for sure! Perhaps one day that may be me? (Yes, London is full of them!)

        I can’t watch those shows! I would end up feeling sad that I don’t have any priceless items casually lying about my house 😦


      • Hey I think you’re cool! Aren’t all 18 year olds cool? Hmmm. Oooooh I wonder what I’ll be like when I’m 18 *ponders over SUCH a prospect*
        Yah. I just wanna drive and eat muffins (sounds petty but I’ve spent way too long fantasizing over trips to the zoo/mcdonalds/Tate modern in chemistry class. Sigh…it’s the class where I sit at the front -_- wise one Lek (you can thank my brother for that nickname which he just abbreviated literally right now), wise one.)
        AHAHAHA!!!!! Awwww never-the-mind! 🙂


      • Ummm I am not going to burst your bubble of expectation by providing a real reasponse to that question 😛
        I always thought 17 would be a cool age but it just came and went!
        Haha 😀 Lex? Aah yes was thinking how’s that an abbreviation of Zee then realised ohh it’s of your actual name lol 😀


      • Real response, eh? *grabs kleenex* IM READY TO HEAR IT.
        Oh wait. It’s probably “AHH little girl, a levels are a nightmare!”

        17…hmm AS, lower sixth….sounds all right, because you’re fresh after GCSE, I suppose.
        Ahahaha 🙂
        Lek – Lekh- Lekha – Lekkie.
        Its all the same to me 🙂


      • Haha nothing patronising like that 😀
        Just that it is not as wowee as it is made out to be.

        Hmm depends, some people say AS is harder than A2 and I’d agree.

        Haha well if it was me I’d come up with something like Zullulu :/


      • Awww. Well. It’ll be my mission to make sixth form a good one. God knows how, but hey, it’s a nice thought at least.
        But the thought of UCAS..-_-

        AS harder? Now there’s something new! When discussing it with my older sibling, he did say how he hopes for A2 to be lesser, because there is always the idea of dropping one subject from the AS choices – eg from five to four.
        Don’t know if that’s common, but he told me of a few friends in similar situations.
        But yeah, I guess the work’ll obviously be harder with A2.

        ZU – LL- LU?!!! Hahhahahahahahah!!!
        Just. Wow. That’s a new one.

        I’ve heard Zuluba. And Zoolander. And a whole lot more.
        (HA I kinda like my name now – what with all the possibilities)

        But this one takes the cake! *applause* 😀


      • I’m sure you’ll be successful 😀
        Well UCAS is again one of those hyped up things that merely requires you to keep a clear head and planning and then it just becomes a form to fill.

        Yes I think AS is harder than A2 because there is a bigger jump from GCSE and students have to get used to it. Though A-levels are not particularly or impossibly difficult if you put the effort in of course.
        I’ve found A2 to be easier because my AS exams went well. Let us just hope the government does not introduce Linear A levels :O


      • From a fellow student point of view, education wise it is incredibly interesting to see how calm you are in regards to taking on UCAS, and A-Levels etc. It’s a great quality!
        It really is quite astonishing though. I mean, my brother shall be returning to a set of public exams – like you – after half term, and he too is just so “AHHH yeah!” About it all! He’s adopted the same attitude “when you’ve revised and
        put in all the hard work, it’s not all that bad.” So good for you! I hope I’m like that!

        Now that makes more sense. I guess the leap is quite something for them.
        And well done with AS! 😀
        Linear A-Levels! I remember hearing about that plan! Apparently it was to go through in 2015…(?) not sure if it’s actually happening, but hopefully not! Hmm I’ll go read up on it.
        Hmmm. OOH!
        Perhaps an idea you may want to expand on (and yes I would like to hear your opinion if you so wish to comment) would be whether you think O- levels should come back? 😀


      • Oh I had my panic moments like everyone else but now I am feeling a bit more calm 🙂 Haha well you see, your brother and I, are just SOO cool 😛 Yup, you can join the club if you are the same at A-level, there’s your motivation! 😛

        Yes something like that although I wish for the sake of you and students as a whole that the plans are dropped.
        Hmm interesting question but I shall have to some more research before I can give a real answer 🙂


      • My brother..*shhhh* he might be a BIT cool.
        OK my ego is now dented! NOOO!!!!!
        Yeah you can be cool. 🙂

        Ahhhh. OK. And yeah, have a read about them! It’s interesting stuff! I ask because I started the o level course for a year, but then I left it and went to the GCSE course instead. 😀


        Ok technically two and a half (MWAHAHAHAHAH yes I’m a mean sister) 😀
        I was abroad only for a year, then I came back here. 🙂


      • You’re not the half!! 😀

        OOOOH! Erm,…very good question. I do think that GCSE (especially igcse) papers look more difficult. Brother and I were discussing this recently; with his science papers being a prime example of how different they seem. The GCSE questions don’t seem as straightforward. Ah but then my argument could go two ways here; it could thicken, or weaken, as it depends on the board you take and for example, some boards take coursework into account, whereas others don’t. (Geography, a good example, with one board not assessing coursework – AQA igcse apparently.)
        Eh, just my opinion here. I could be wrong, but that’s how I see them.


      • Haha I know! I was sticking up for your brother you see 😛

        Yes GCSE science has definitely become harder in recent years as they have actively made it more tough. Hmm yes, it does differ depending on exam boards and course structure.


      • *sighs*
        Already you stick up for my brother. BUT HE WAS A MEANIE FIVE YEAR OLD ONCE WHO STOLE MY BELOVED BOTTLE-BOO!

        Yes. Yes. Yes!


      • Variables. *cough cough MATHS SPEAK cough*


        And on that note, I shall drift off into an algebraic slumber; night! 😀


      • Eeeeeeeeeeeeek!!!!!!
        I CANT WAIT! It’s interesting because it’s so early on, and nobody knows about it. BUT IT FEELS SO LOVELY!! I’m so big as well; so that’ll be interesting! 🙂


      • Hbahaahaaha! Well I looked after my sister a lot so I’ve got some good experience! Hmmmm the course, yes! 🙂


      • Awwww I know I shouldn’t be laughing but AWWW THAT IS SO SWEET! Not the drop but like, like…well you know the deal now, anything baby related will make me smile.
        Poor baby and poor you! Bad table, BAD!
        But eh, my brother used to drag me off of the sofa – thank god we always had carpet- and the beast would STEAL my bottle and put it miles away on the window sill.

        Fiend! Who does that?!!! 😀


  2. It really is crazy how we presume things without thinking! For some reason, I always automatically presumed you were female!
    Keep on blogging though, your posts are always my favourite to read!


  3. Hi there, Worried Student –
    Hope your worries are few. I had to write a Liebster Post first – you have my oath, I’ll do the Versatile Post this coming weekend 6/14 (so very sorry for the delay). And again, I appreciate your recognizing my blog 🙂
    AnnMarie 🙂
    The big son will be having his Middle School Graduation in 2 weeks – goes so very fast and the delicate daughter (10th grade) just took her first round of SATs 🙂


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