Ants Have Made Me Angry!

I love animals which is why the movie We Bought A Zoo was really awesome for me but what I have grown to dislike and may I also add hate, is the common ant.

Wonderful creatures. They possess such remarkable intelligence and you sometimes wonder where could their brains possible be? Humans can learn from ants. If a column of ant faces an obstacle and one ant finds a way around it, it would not continue on its merry way but actually come back and tell the others.

Then there is the strength ants have, being able to carry double their body weight is truly worthy of the title Olympian. Perhaps weightlifters should train with a column of ants who would tease them saying “ha if I can do it, why can’t you?”

Entrepreneurs also have alot to learn from ants. If only they possessed the same sense for a business opportunity that ants have for sweet things. Seriously, they will suck even an apple core dry of its sugar.

Then there’s the teamwork. Division of labour in practice. Perhaps humans would have advanced far quicker if we had studied ants earlier. Then dear old Adam Smith would not have given the example of a pin factory to illustrate his theory of division of labour but instead would have used the example of these small tiny creatures.

Truly remarkable, amazing, astonishing and wonderful creatures right? I agree, just NOT WHEN THEY HAVE INVADED MY KITCHEN!

21 thoughts on “Ants Have Made Me Angry!

  1. This was undoubtedly one the most brilliant posts I’ve read.
    LOVED the ending especially – HA HA HA!!!!!!!! 😀


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