The Childhood Conundrum

It would be hypocritical of me to say that I do not like to wear designer clothes but one thing that really annoys me about some young children these days is their obsession with their clothing. When I say young, I am talking about ten-year olds which does not mean it is okay for everyone else to obsess about branded clothing, it is just that I have noticed this change in the minds of children.

You may have experienced this amongst your family but when my little brother and his friends get together, the topic at times drifts towards commenting on each other’s clothes or declarations of what ‘amazing’ clothes their parents are going to buy them. Why have children become like this? Instead of enjoying their childhood, they are being sucked into this system of consumerism at such a remarkably young age.

Young children are constantly surfing shopping websites, filling their brains with meaningless products and ideas. My brother buys a new pair of football trainers (after weeks of watching reviews for them online-yes actual reviews people) and then the next day, he is back on the website planning which ones he is going to buy next.

It is frustrating but when we look at this rationally, it becomes a bit easier to spot where things have gone wrong. The excuse immediately given when a child desires luxury items is obsessed with the latest fashion is that the parents are to blame. Now, in some cases that may be true as I know of friends who have always demanded designer labels from a young age and amazingly their parents have always given in despite not being so well of themselves. These children are in for a great shock when they enter the real world.

However, some parents have no interest in designer labels and refuse to spend such great amounts of money on them. So why are their children becoming dragged into the world of fashion at such tender ages? Turn on the television and you will quickly realise. Children are being bombarded with images of what ‘cool’ means which sets them up for a life of sadness and false feelings of failure. They are being corrupted at such a young age by the idea that they should seek what the person above them has which means contentment is something they will never experience.

Surely we must take some responsibility for this change that has occurred so they question we must ask ourselves is what can we do to prevent or stall this change that has occurred in children over the past seven years?

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A Worried Student

13 thoughts on “The Childhood Conundrum

  1. I definitely agree to this. Kids always want the newest, coolest things and it seems to get worse as times go on. However, I do think a parent explaining things to their children could help, depending on the child. Being taught not to follow others definition of “cool” and learning that it’s okay not to follow the crowd are concepts some parents seem to miss teaching, or even learning for themselves.


    • That is a good point. Parents do need to play a more active role in teaching their children but as you say, often it is the parents themselves who have become lost in the world of brands, status and statements!


    • That is an interesting point and you know what? I actually agree with you even though when I was young, I loved the fact my school had no uniform. I remember when we would have those debates, I would say that people should have the freedom to wear what thet want. However, in today’s times, uniform has become even more significant and useful.


  2. Lovely post, i was about writing same thing but you beat me to it …..imagine an 11year old boy buying chelsea new jersey every year with the name of chelsea latest signing behind it.

    Our kids are becoming materialistic


  3. My son is 10 and is just now aware that he wears clothes I think. Naw, but he doesnt care about brand names or what is the most expensive, I think mainly because his father and I are not those type of people who care about brand names. If I need clothes for myself, I go to goodwill and im not ashamed of it one bit. I think I would go naked befoee I would buy myself a 100 dollar pair of pants.


    • That is fantastic! Seriously.
      Your son must also be one who is not influenced by peer pressure.
      I think perhaps if kids are given other things to think about and play with, they will not have time to worry about their clothes!


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