So as the weather was amazing today and I was cooped up indoors working in a room which had a dodgy AC, I was craving a BBQ as I travelled home but knew that there would be nothing of the sort waiting for me when I arrive home.

However as I walked in, I was greeted with a surprise! Home Made Ice Cream!


Yes it looks like a giant custard maker


But in the end, awesome ice cream is made!

A Worried Student

20 thoughts on “Ice Cream Anyone?

  1. A little idea about emergency ice cream as well. Take ripe bananas and slice them into rounds and lay them flat in a freezer bag and freeze them. When you feel like some ice cream simply take some out, put in a blender and within moments you have ice cream. And no GUILT! Also you can add flavors if you like, such as vanilla or even some peanut butter or fruit.


      • No doubt. Nothing beats homemade ice cream. I like the banana thing as an alternative because for one it uses those last bananas that are kind of on the border line, is cheap, healthy, and takes literally seconds to make. So if you like to add chocolate sauce you can add all you want because it’s bananas and always use soy milk if you are vegan. πŸ™‚


  2. What flavour?
    I’ve eaten an entire tub of ice-cream this weekend, so seeing this only reminds me of what an awful person I am. But otherwise – it looks great! Haha πŸ™‚


    • Well its a different fusion than normal according to my dad. Mango, juicy sultanas and there must be something else in it which helps make it taste amazing!
      Haha! No just enjoy the ice cream with guilt-free happiness πŸ™‚


    • I feel a bit better then. It takes me a WEEK to finish a small tub and I use my ice cream (creamery Vanilla Bean) to make home made ‘mochacinos’. (using cold coffee). When it comes to ice cream, I trust the experts, but I’m careful to buy ice cream with as few extra ingredients as possible. Milk, cream, eggs, natural vanilla bean extract.


  3. this reminds me!!! *forgot to eat my ice cream I’d stuffed into the freezer*
    Gah, it’s perfect ice cream…erm..season? Do people say that? *pause* Let’s just go with that!
    Ah wasn’t it wonderful this weekend! Shame to be tucked away inside, though! *punches textbook*


  4. I’ve had homemade ice cream before, it’s delicious. I haven’t attempted to make any in a long time…mmh maybe its my next project.


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