Clear blue skies, a warm blanket of heat in the air, very little humidity, it seems like the perfect morning to wake up early and enjoy the world by riding a bike along the river or taking a leisurely walk along sun kissed pavements.


The only problem is I work on Sundays but lets not let that depressing fact bring me down. Weirdly, I dreamt I quit my job and this is the second time it has happened. Perhaps it is a sign?

A headline that blared out to me today is that the top 1000 people in the UK have a combined wealth of £520billion. Just stop and think for a moment, this ludicrously staggeringly high figure cannot even be comprehended by the normal person on the street. However, it is great that they have this much wealth right? The arguement is that they create jobs for the people and increase investment in the UK.

So while that may be true to some extent, I simply wonder when did human nature become so egotistical and in love with wealth? Once your bank balance climbs past a certain point, then the rest of the money simply becomes a status symbol. It only sits there in the bank, growing ever more. Now I know people say these rich citizens should be left to enjoy the wealth they built up as it was their own hard work but I simply ask, what would happen to them if they were to help the less privelaged in society?

If for example, they were to give 1% or 2% of their total wealth that they do not use to charity, then what would happen? Would they have to reduce their own spending? Would they have to forego on their 5th holiday of the year? Would they have to decide not to buy the villa they were planning on buying?

No. Instead, £10.4billion would be made available to those who are in need whilst the rich continue to live their happy lives, knowing they have also made someone else happy. This is a mere observation but certainly plausible. Right?

Until Next Time,

A Worried Student

4 thoughts on “Feeling Blue Under Blue Skies?

    • Yes I am pretty sure I read somewhere that when people receive a large increase in wealth once already wealthy, it only gives them happiness if their fellow human did not receive the same increase. What does that tell us about human nature?


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