They are all leaving. After being part of the evil gang which distracted and tortured the minds of students and many others throughout the year, they have finally decided to retreat.

Is this good?
Most certainly not!
Why? Because my dear friends, I am talking about the hordes of television shows which plagued the minds of students throughout the year and only now, as exams finish, have decided to go on a break.

Suits, Arrow, White Collar, Marvels and many others; shows which were amazingly gripping and terribly teasing with their little bursts of excitement, always leaving you wanting more. Making students focus on their storylines instead of the syllabus for their subjects is quite a dastardly thing to do.

As you can tell, I am quite depressed that when my exams finish in a month, the weeks ahead will be clear of shows to watch. Well there is the world cup to watch and that will have to keep me entertained, as well as the piles of books I am hoping to read and movies to catch up on!

Also, if you remember the Graffiti art pieces I did a week or two ago, I have been thinking of perhaps moving up and drawing them on actual canvas. Good idea? The only problem is that the oil based ink pens I need are terribly expensive but perhaps I shall treat myself after my exams.

That line again, “after my exams.” Urgh!

A Worried Student

14 thoughts on “Why!

  1. Worried student absolutely doesn’t fit who you really are. You’re not worried! You have plans that are positive. P.S. I also don’t like summer reruns except I finally get to see those shows that I couldn’t see during the school year. So, it isn’t all bad!


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