Every Friday, I tutor two seven year old boys and I had to share these completed homework pieces because they really are quite beautiful. I think it is important to encourage children in these types of activities because it allows them to enjoy learning as well as developing their creative side. One of them proudly told me he is going to be a footballer, (because he is a bit good at it) an artist (because he is really good at it) and a poet (because he likes writing poetry even though it is difficult.) Great ambitions right?


A Proud Tutor Here! Shh We Will Pretend That Wrong Spelling Of 'Their' Was A Typo


Apparently This Was Created After Much Sweat And Tears. Seems Like It Was Worth It Right?


Seven Year Old Poet!

Sometimes children simply need to be encouraged in order for them to strive harder. This is why when they hand in work like this, I won’t mark it in terms of grammar and punctuation but instead commend them and display it on my bedroom wall.

Until Next Time,

A Worried Student

17 thoughts on “Kids!

  1. AHH that’s so cool! Love this! 🙂
    Gosh, it’s great how you tutor kids; it sounds fun. Honestly, when I’m older I’d love to do something like this.


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